Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Bike Is Back

Once upon a time there was a used Honda Shadow

It was the first bike that TJ and I bought. Our friends, Kenny and Mandy, were there to help us pick it out. Kenny taught TJ how to ride on this bike.

It stayed in Kenny's garage with his Harley and another friend's bike until we could legally bring it on post.

It was a good bike to start out on, but we dreamed of getting a Harley.

Mandy also learned how to ride on this bike. It was the perfect bike for beginners. Kenny requested it to teach Mandy's half-brother to ride as well. During this time her dad took an interest in it as he wanted a motorcyle. He offered us Blue Book value for it. We took his offer and got our Harley.

Mandy's dad got good use out of it, but decided he wanted something else. So he offered to sell it to Mandy and Kenny. Mandy wanted a motorcycle of her own to ride with Kenny.

And that is how the Honda Shadow came back.

It now belongs to Mandy and is with his old pal, Kenny's Harley.

The End

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