Sunday, June 7, 2009

Clothes Shopping is Fun Again!!

Well, somewhat. I seem to have dropped a pant size.

Yesterday when TJ and I went to the PX I remembered I needed an outfit for the wedding later this month during our WATTNE. I already had seen pants I wanted so i just needed a shirt. After not finding any I suggested going to the mall(so I could get the pants, too.) TJ was approved to make the trip(since he is recovering from oral surgery) as well.

The store I went to to get the pants was Maurice's. The have regular sizes and plus sizes, which i have needed to start shopping in. I had found a great pair of black gauchos there before(they kind of look like a skirt and move like a skirt, but are more comfy). Well, I went on the plus side and COULD NOT FIND THEM. I was almost devastated, but then found a brownish pair. About this time a salegirl came to help me. I think her name was Susan. She asked what size and I told her like a 16 or 18. She found that size and then helped me pick out some shirts to try with them. When i went to try the pants on (they were elastic waisted) they seemed a little loose in the waist. I asked to try a 14. She brought me that and it still felt kinda loose, but not as much. I was thrilled!! None of the shirts were right, though. I decided to look on the regular size side because I can usually fit in an extra large (or even a large).

Well, I found a few possibilities but mostly I liked this one shirt that had a red, white and beige ring design. However, the trim was black. I was not sure that would work with the brown pants. Then I spotted BLACK GAUCHOS and miracle upon miracle they hd an extra large!! I tried those on (with the shirts) and they fit!! Now my stomach does stick out a little more, but they are not tight. None of the shirts worked so I went back for the ring design one. It was perfect(and will cover up my stomach bulge). I also bought some earrings and a necklace to go with it. All for about $50.00!!!!!!!!

When I start losing more weight and need more clothes I think I will be shopping there!! Along with the Gap(I love the Gap). And Ambercrombie(because I can't shop there now). And American Eagle. And Tommy Hilfiger(we have outlets in Kansas City).
I had decided awhile back that I was only gonna buy designer label clothing, not because I am vain or a clothes snob or anything, but because that would actually limit my spending(and the amount of clothes I own) and the clothes I would buy would be of a better quality. But I will include Maurice's because of the service (and cute clothes :)


Jen said...

congrats! :)

Jessica said...

First, congratulations!!

Second, your designer label thing is actually a good idea. That's about all I wear, but if you watch for the sales you can get there stuff cheaper than the stuff at Walmart. :)

Carrie said...

Congrats! And kudos for treating yourself to designer labels. You deserve it. :)