Friday, June 12, 2009

Correction to last post

I stand corrected on the no additional assignments yesterday. TJ was told he had to write another 1000 words BECAUSE he supposedly did not turn the essay in before PT like required. The problem was that the person requesting the essay did not have the courtesy to be there to accept the essay and instead of putting it in the person's inbox, TJ put it on his platoon sergeant's desk(that was not the person requesting the essay).

I am so mad I could spit. This is such bull crap. TJ did, however, talk to someone else about how he went through this crap in the previous unit and that person was sympathetic, but of course, cannot do anything about it. My respect for the original person is completely gone. I hope I never meet this person. I will not speak to him unless spoken to and will never address him by his rank because I feel he does not deserve that kind of acknowledgement or respect(as a wife and civilian I have this luxury -- as long as I am not rude or spiteful).

I also sincerely hope, that when they mobilize and stand up to deploy that this person is not in TJ's chain of command. I do not know how he can be trusted. To not even have the decency to be there to accept the essay shows disrespect and negligience on his part. If you are going to give someone an assignment and expect to be done by a certain time or handed in at a certain time you better darn well be there to accept it!! He is a very poor example to the others.

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