Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm Leaving, On a Jet Plane!!

On Thursday morning we woke up at 3am and quickly got ready to go to the airport. First we parked the car in long term parking. Upon entering the airport we found a few people had gathered to wait for the check in desk to open. This was about 4am and it opened at 4:30. The flight was at 6am.

I was quite tired

I was stunned to find out we had to pay for checked baggage(I thought if you only had one it was free!!) and then I also had to pay to change seats on the second flight so TJ and I could sit together, rather than one behind the other. This peeved me a bit because why would they not give us seats together in the first place? I kind of felt like I was being scammed. (despite this, Delta is still better than Continental)

We had to wait at the gate for awhile,

but it did not seem that long. I made sure I took my Xanax at least half an hour before the flight.
Once airborne, TJ promptly fell asleep with my pillow(his was in the overhead compartment)

But I was pretty much awake(yet relaxed)

I got a drink in my handy tupperware cup

I was quite proud of myself for thinking to bring that as it prevented spills during any turbulence AND I could take it to the next flight.

I also colored a bit

We landed on time at the detroit airport, but were a few minutes late getting a gate. When you only have 30 minutes to change planes those minutes are precious!! Then we disembarked at gate 60 something and discovered we needed to be at gate 11!! Luckily there was a tram. It was still a little stressful. I apologized to the guy at the gate, but he said there were 4 of us from that flight and one had just gotten on so there was still one more after us. He arrived a minute later so it was all good.

On this flight I listened to music and read a book...

The music was Abba and the book was...


There were awesome clouds outside the window.

I took another Xanax an hour early because I was afraid the first one would wear off in mid-flight. It made me sleepy

We arrived on time and the flight was very pleasant(both were). Our baggage arrived safely, too.

And so our New England adventure began!!! More tomorrow

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