Sunday, June 21, 2009

Is It Wednesday Yet?

I am just too excited for this trip that I do not know what to do with myself. I have been having trouble sleeping because I keep thinking about what we are going to do, what I am going to wear, etc. I actually have all my outfits planned out in my head (and maybe I wrote a few things down).

Anyway, I got started on laundry today so we would have everything we need. I am not going to pack until Tuesday, although I have set several things aside. I think I will write a post on packing for a trip as I have a method.

Tomorrow I have to work and then TJ and I need to go to Manhattan to the library and Target. I still need to get some big foam rollers, a couple travel size toiletries, a phone cord in case we can get internet for the laptop, and I want a bigger box of crayons for the plane ride(I have a special coloring book). I will also finish the laundry and hopefully get the kitchen in order finally!!! We also need to get TJ's computer set up with iTunes so we can charge my iPod on it. Or will it charge without that?

I downloaded 2 episodes of the Greatest American Hero and one of Charles in Charge to watch on the plane on my iPod.

I am going to attempt to go to bed now as I am actually sleepy(even after a 5 hour nap)

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Anonymous said...

I do that too before a trip - lay awake planning things in my head. LOL!

I'd totally agree with you that the zoo animals were listless because of the heat, but several of my bird photos showed sore spots on the birds, missing patches of feathers, etc. I talked with a zookeeper who confirmed the animals were sick, actually the wolf exhibit was closed because the wolves were so sick, they died.
She didn't say anything about age playing a factor.

Plus, I am a total softie for animals, so that didn't help me jump to more positive conclusions.

Have fun on your trip, you deserve it!