Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's been a better day

Well, TJ did not come home with any outlandish "assignments" or anything so it is a good day LOL!! He did come home with a haircut, though. I hate it. It's a fade where they shaved the sides(no where lose to touching the ears now!!)and then gradually the hair increases to the top of the head, but there is barely any :( I hate when he has to get a haircut. Anyway, he is now on a 4-day weekend(for the Army's birthday).

We got more kids in our class at school because we only had 3. Now we have 7 and a mix of ages. They are all awesome kiddos.

I took another walk today on the riverwalk and was attacked by........ butterflies!!!! They were ornery little devils. They had come out to feed on poop and berries that fell from the trees. When you get too close they fly into a frenzy and sometimes run into you!! I had one even hit my eye. I was starting to get skeeved out when they were hitting my face. Once or twice a particaularly brave one would hitch a ride on my shirt!! I would actually be followed, too. I think it was because I was wearing a flowered shirt.

After getting home I had some lunch and was checking blogs and then i got the bright idea to start rearranging livingroom furniture!! TJ and I have discussed this before and last night I ran some ideas past him. We never really decided, but I decided to just go ahead and try a couple things. Of course, moving the furniture necessitate that I also clean the places I was going to cover up, as well as the places I was uncovering, as well as the still exposed parts. So I mopped. I also had to dust, but went a step further and Windexed!! Now the livingroom smells like a disinfected orange pine forest!! I only got half the room done(it's a big room), but that half looks nice. I will share pictures tomorrow as part of the shootout. I thought about finishing up tonight, but I am tired. I will work on it tomorrow if TJ and I are not doing anything. It may end up not being done until Tuesday!!! LOL

The rest of the night will be pretty mellow. First I need to organize my box of garage sale items. Then I am going to take a nice shower and after that go to bed to read and watch The Real Housewives of Orange County Lost Footage.

Photos coming tomorrow!!


Sharon said...

You guys got a 4 day? Wow! We only have a 3 day. Today and then Sat. and Sun. Jacob is supposed to be off today but he isn't. He had to go to Ft. Bliss for meetings and stuff. So he will just get the regular weekend and then back to work on Monday.

Robyn :) said...

Yeah, it's a 4 day.