Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Just My Day

Okay, well today was kind of busy for me. First I had work. Then I went to the library in town and did not leave with any books!!( I am reading like 8 right now). Then I went bowling.

I had planned to walk today, but it rained and was threatening more and was quite chilly so iwent bowling instead. I didn't do as well today and only bowled 2 games, but at a penny a pin at least it was cheaper!!

Then I went home and had lunch. Then I went on a shopping spree in Manhattan!! First I went to Target and was reminded of why I never shop at Target -- they have too many cute things!! Luckily, I just made it out with a hand towel!! And a Mango Smoothie. Then I went to the library and AGAIN walked out with no books.

Next was Bed Bath and Beyond. I got a small utility bin to go in my room, 2 more red plastic glasses(now I have 8 to go with my dishes) and a plastic summery tablecloth for outside. I spent under $20.00 :) After that I went over to Best Buy and bought nothing. Then it was on to Salvation Army where I bought 2 pretty dishes(for serving), a pink set of measuring spoons, and a red Guess purse(to go with my wedding outfit!!). Spent $2.50.

The last stop was Ray's Apple Mart where I picked up a few groceries including sugar free cupcakes(made with Splenda). The package warned that it was not a reduced calorie food, but with each cupcake being only 200 calories, I beg to differ. They also had whipped cream frosting which is my favorite. They did not taste any different than if they were made with real sugar :) I figured I deserved a little treat.

When I came home I made a delicious turkey meatloaf for dinner(new specialty?) and we had a cupcake each for dessert. Then I read for an hour and then cleaned a bit in the livingroom. Then got on here :)

I am also very happy to report that I noticed my tomato plant had a tiny green tomato growing on it!! So excited about that.

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