Monday, June 29, 2009

Let's Get It Started!!

Our vacation officially started on Wednesday when I got home from work. After dropping my car keys off with our neighbor/friends and saying goodbye to Scout we were on our way.

I had on my snazzy big celebrity sunglasses

Our first stop was Topeka for lunch.

I had gone through the drive-thru of Spangles many times for an orange juice slush, but I had never gone inside. It was reallly neat.

After lunch we got on the Kansas turnpike to head towards Missouri.

We made our first trip to the Harley Davidson shop where we bought TJ's bike since the day we bought it.

Upon walking in the door we immediately found a bike we want to get for me...

It's a trike, actually. We have seen them, but had no idea where to get one made by Harley. We were told we need to get them custom made. Well, that is true -- it is a kit you add to a regular bike, BUT this is the first shop we have found that makes them regularly there. Ironic that the same shop we bought TJ's Dyna at would have the Trikes!! We just love that place. Plus they have an awesome lounge area with the most comfy furniture. Our saleslady remembered us, too.

After the Harley Shop we headed back to Kansas City, Kansas for dinner at the Legends Mall

I was able to get sushi as an appetizer

We opted to sit in the area where they will cook your food at your table. It was awesome, especially when our chef made a volcano out of an onion.
(btw, the people sitting on the other side were very nice and the child was extremely well behaved)

They also toss a piece of shrimp to you to catch in your mouth. For everyone else it took several tries (including for TJ)

But I caught mine on the first try!!

After dinner we did a little shopping. I found an awesome shirt on sale at the Tommy Hilfiger store(you'll see it in a later post).
We walked around a bit more, but a nasty storm was moving in

In fact, there was quite a bit of lightning and thunder coming out of those clouds in the background.
So we decided to head on over to Cabelas as the lightning really started to pick up!!
First I dropped TJ off in the gun section and then I went into the deer "forest". when I came out I heard a rather scary pounding moise on the roof

It was this...

Crazy hurricane type rain and winds. And lots of lightning. You could see it through that roof. So we stayed and I took pictures of some of the animals...

"I love you, man"

"Dinner's ready!!"

And fish in the aquarium

At about 8pm we decided we better brave the rain (it had calmed down a bit)because we needed to get to the motel and bed because our flight was quite early the next morning.

I was going to take a picture of the motel because it was really cute (Best Western Country Inn), but it was raining and when we left it was dark(3:30am).

It was a crazy fantastic start to our trip!!! Next up will be pictures of our first flight.


Carrie said...

Wow! Looks like you had a great time. :) And I agree, Spangles looks absolutely adorable!

Carrie said...

PS - Super cute glasses! :D

Robyn :) said...

Thank you, Carrie :)

Kim said...

Love the captions from the animals. :)