Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Little Trip To Little Sweden

TJ and I took a little day trip this afternoon to Lindsborg, Kansas, also known as Little Sweden. We were there for the Midsummer Festival.

A little background on the town: according to a postcard I bought.."In 1869, Pastor Olof Olsson, who is considered the founder of Lindsborg, led a group of 200 Swedes from Varmland, Sweden to emigrate to Kansas in May. About half his group decided to stay in Missouri, however, the remainder of the group followed Pastor Olsson and his family to Lindsborg"

First off, though, we had to stop for a little snack

and I got this cool little toy

Can anyone tell me what his name is? I keep wanting to call him Scar, but that is a different movie.

Of course, I brought my iPod to listen to Abba on the way there because if you are going to go to a Swedish Town, it is fun to listen to Swedish music on the way there!!

It was raining today.

That didn't stop us, though. The festival was held here

However, it costs $5.00 a piece to go in and we only had $6.00 all together so we needed to go into town to the ATM. We decided to explore the town at that time since it was raining quite heavily.

Here are some shots of downtown Lindsborg...

This was the nicest looking Bank of America I have ever seen

We found this cute little building that had a bakery and gallery in it

We had a snack

And I admired the glass ball ornaments in the window of the shop

We visited a souvenir shop

With a woodshop in it.

All throughout the town are these Dala Horses

According to another postcard I got "the Dala (daw-la) Horse is the most typical folk art of Sweden. It takes its name from the provence of Dalarna where it has been a popular form of domestic art since the 1840's.

We stopped at a very small cafe to have lunch. They served drinks in these small little glasses!!!

I had some Swedish Pancakes

Then we headed back to the car, but first I had to get a picture of this

I mean, what Swedish town is complete without a Mexican restauarant?

We headed back up to the festival,

BUT it was over!!!! It was only 4pm so that was disappointing.

So then we headed back home.

I have more pictures from Lindsborg, but you will have to wait until the Friday Shoot out to see them!!

I will leave you with a picture of a little gem I found in a gift shop there. An appropriate purchase to make in Little Sweden :)

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