Monday, June 22, 2009


Pounds and patience!!! ha ha!! Well, the scale was about 181/182 today(it is really hard to tell). That is good because I have not stuck to the diet too well, but I guess I have been watching portions and what I actually eat. This week will probably not be so good with the trip and all, but I am going to try to make good choices and walk and dance it off!!

I am so impatient for this trip it is crazy. I want to pack NOW, but I am waiting until tomorrow. We bought a few more things today including these...

They were on sale for $9.99 each at target so we each got one. TJ also bought 2 pairs of shorts. So we have everything we need now.

Maybe I will start packing the carry-on later today.

OH!! I forgot one of the most important things... our invitation arrived today!!! It was really cute with a beach scene because the chapel is on the beach and the restaurant where the reception will be. Funny thing, though -- the restauarant is the same one I found in the tour book and planned to eat at Thursday night!! Anyway, I now have to get the directions for the chapel and then the restaurant from there. Then I should be done with all directions.

We are also going to attemopt to clean out my car tonight. I say tonight because hopefully by then it will have cooled down to like the 80s. Right now it is 103.

How is everyone else's Monday going?

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Jennifer P. said...

ugh! I am feeling your 103. Ours is just around the corner!

Can't wait to hear how the vacation goes---and you're right on about walking and dancing--makes a big difference! :)