Thursday, June 4, 2009

More productive (and fun!!)

Well, I was ALOT more productive today!! I slept in a little bit (under the influence of 1/2 a Tylenol PM -- my legs were killing me after that bike ride yesterday!!!), then finished my reading from the day before. I had breakfast(or part of it) and then went bowling.

I had the best bowling day ever!! Not only did I bowl a turkey again and break 100 EVERY TIME, I also bowled my best game ever -- 132!!!!! And I got a great workout.

After bowling I decided to get my bathing suit and go swimmimg. I tried the pool on Custer Hill for the first time(I usually go to Main Post). It wasn't too crowded because the water was 17 degrees. They warned you when you came in. I braved it and got a few laps in. Then I worked on my tan(on a super comfy lounge chair -- much better than the hard ones on Main Post), "read" my scrapbooking magazine and ate lunch.

Then I came home and actually cleaned part of the livingroom!! Then I read for an hour. Then I started importing my CD's onto iTunes on the computer. THAT's RIGHT -- I successfully installed iTunes!! Kenny's advice worked and the install was complete. Once I get all the music I want from my collection on there I am going to figure out how to get it on my Ipod and then categorize it :)

I also made dinner tonight -- spaghetti with vegetarian sauce. It was pretty good. I thought TJ would be coming home after day fire on the range(he is having oral surgery tomorrow), but since there are only 60 people to qualify he decided to stay on for night fire. It's not like he has to be alert tomorrow -- they are going to knock him out!!!

So now I am just fooling around on the computer importing select songs from my collection onto iTunes and blogging.

It has been a pretty good day.

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