Thursday, June 18, 2009

More Trip Goodness

Well, I got a few more things for my trip including these..

(I had to take about 10 pictures before I got the lighting right!!!)

I had to go to the PX to fill a prescription so while I was waiting I went into the store portion to get some travel size toothpaste. well, of course, the clothes are riht by the door so I started looking and I found the red shirt!! I instantly fell in love. I can wear it is a jacket with a tamk top or even t-chirt and it will be perfect for red shirt Fridays, Christmas, 4th of July, etc. My immediate plan for it, though, is to wear it when we are in Boston next friday, not only because it will be red short Friday, but because it is Red like the Red Socks!! Not that I am a fan, but when in Boston....

Before finding the shirt I had walked the "mall" portion of the PX and found a great red necklace/earring set for $5.00 at one of the carts. So it was meant to be!! I also just realized that the red will go great with my brown capris!!

Now, about the sunglasses. I got those at my jewelry party last night. For hosting I got to pick a pair(that was what I wanted) and I picked out the biggest ones she had!! I also love the white. I don't think i ever had white sunglasses. I call them my celebrity sunglasses. Just another little trend I follow(big sunglasses).

Finally, at the PX, I picked up my prescription for Xanax, so now I can fly with ease!! While waiting in line a jerk tried to cut in front of me. The jerk being a 2 inch cockroach -- yuck!!!

So, I have everything bought, I think. Tomorrow I need to make a reservation for KC and then also for dinner at Legends Mall. Tonight I am going to make an itinerary. I also need to start checking the weather for the trip :)

Blog-wise, I am hoping tomorrow to show some before and after pictures of the livingroom.

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