Sunday, June 14, 2009

My First HOG Ride

Yesterday was my first ride with TJ and the JC HOG(Harley Owners Group)gang. Once or twice a month they get together to ride to someplace in Kansas, in addition to weekly dinner rides. TJ usually goes on the rides, but I had yet to go on one(since they are usually kind of far).

This one, however, was going to the town of Woodbine, which is not too far from here. Maybe 20 miles, if that. I have done that riding to Manhattan with TJ.

Here is me at the beginning at the City Cycle Sales parking lot

The shop owner, Honey(who is the most awesome Harley shop owner ever), was proud of me for going on a ride. She knows TJ really well because her store is TJ's home away from home.

This is where we road to

Elsie's Cafe in the town of Woodbine

This is me when we arrived(and all the bikes lined up)

Here is TJ next to a nutcracker in the diningroom

and the 2 of us at the table we then moved to

Elsie is a hilarious German lady and on Wednesdays and Saturdays she serves German food at her cafe. The fare for lunch was Schnitzel with mushroom gravy, German potato salad, green beens, a roll, salad and a choice of orange struesel cake or chocolate pudding for desert. Or you could have a cheeseburger, which is the normal menu item(along with chicken strips, but she was out of those).

After we ate, Elsie came out to talk to and entertain us. She asked who had been there before (I don't think anyone) and she says in her thick German accent "I've been open 24 years and you have never come to my place, yet I spend money in Junction City at your Walmart!" She also told a few jokes (which were quite funny). We all want to go back there.

I took a few pictures around the restaurant after lunch

After the lunch a couple people opted to ride to Salina, but the rest of us went on a ride through the Flint Hills. This would prove to be the longest ride I have taken on the Harley and I was paying for it afterwards. My upper back and legs were sore. We are now in the market for a higher backrest for the bike!! I think as I get more in shape my legs will be better to handle long rides. I am also wondering if all that vibrating from the bike will help my butt and stomach shrink???

We went through the towns of White City and Dwight, two places I have been wanting to visit. We also took a road I have been wanting to explore, so I was thrilled. Only problem is, there is no away I was going to attempt to take pictures from the back of a motorcycle!! I told TJ we need to take the same route by car so I can take pictures of the towns and some other interesting stuff.

We did see lots of cows, including many little ones. They ran when the bikes went past them. So did a couple big ones, but mostly they were too lazy to move. Horses, however, came to the fence to see us. And there was a deer along a tree line, a good distance from the highway, just watching us go by.

We ended at the 66 station in Grandview Plaza. here is me after that long ride

It was worth it, though, because you get a whole different perspective from being on a bike and the day was just perfect for a ride in the country.

Of course, I was not too tired to snap one last picture of the view across I-70

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Jennifer P. said...

oh my goodness girl! You ARE brave! I could do a lot of things--but a long distance motorcycle trip is not one of them!

Good for you!