Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Not on track just yet

Today was a very lazy day for me. I slept in till like 11am and then took a nap from like 2:30-6pm. Last night I had a raging tension headache(not helped by a thunderstorm) so I took half a muscle relaxer and that pretty much knocked me out for the rest of the night and this morning. I had another headache this afternoon and slept instead of taking anything.

So nothing got done today except a trip to the library and some reading :) I signed up for another summer reading program.

I am, however, sticking to my diet so I am happy about that. I think that is the biggest thing I need to work on right now so if I can keep up with that, then I can work on getting exercise in and a cleaning plan going.

What I like about the diet I am on is that I can switch things around and swap things out. There is a lot of variety. I pretty much followed the same menu as yesterday because I had leftovers, but instead of bran flakes this morning I had Alpha Bits!! The menu has frosted shredded wheat on it and I figured Alpha Bits are about the same. I also skip some things for certain meals(like a piece of wheat bread with breakfast) and add them to another meal(I added the bread to lunch). It depends on how hungry I am at each meal. So far, I have not been able to eat everything because it is more than I usually eat(just healthier!!).

Tomorrow I am going to try really hard to get some walking in and maybe bowling. I would also like to start cleaning the livingroom, especially since TJ is having oral surgery on Friday and will be spending the weekend on the couch. It would be nice for him to be in a clean environment :)

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