Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pleasant to Pissed to Pooped

Well, most of today was pleasant, then I got majorly pissed off, now I am just pooped(though obviously not too pooped to post!!).

Work was pleasant, then I took a pleasant 1 mile walk on the Riverwalk (which at the beginning should be called the Forestwalk because you walk through a thick forest before getting to the portion that follows the Republican River). It was more of a dance/walk as I had my iPod and was half dancing along the trail to Abba. Not so pleasant was that I discovered the back right side of my heel in my left shoe was worn away and felt uncomfortable as I walked.

I went home after and had a pleasant tuna sandwich for lunch. I played on the computer for awhile, then took a pleasant afternoon shower and then read for over an hour. Then I came downstairs and got some more cleaning done (dishes and part of the livingroom). TJ finally came home and we headed over to Manhattan for a couple of things.

First up was a visit to Manhattan Running Company(I happened to hear a commercial for them on the radio today!) for some shoes. First they take a video of you walking on a treadmill to determine which shoe is right for you. I have overpronation, which means one of my feet turns inward more than it should. My mom has always said this. When I was a baby my feet were either facing the same direction or both facing inward and my mom was advised to work them so I would not have to wear leg breaces later on to correct the problem. It worked, but my mom always claimed she could still tell when I walked that my left foot turned in slightly. Anyway, after figuring what kind of support I needed in a show I tried on like 6 or 7 pairs I found some pretty comfy ones from Mizumo. They were kinda pricey, but we got a military discount :) Not only will these be nice for walking and running for exercise, but also for when we take our WATTNE, especially for walking all over Boston.

Next we went to HuHot(I had a wikced craving for them and also for shrimp -- luckily it was shrimp night!) and were surprised to find our local ABC affiliate KTKA doing their 6 o'clock broadcast from the food court of the mall. I guess they do this thing where they broadcast from different cities in Kansas. From HuHot it was pretty neat to see them on the TV next to the stage while they were filmed live right there.

After dinner we went to Hot Topic and I found some earrings. then we headed to the other end of the mall so TJ could look at the "redneck store" (as he calls it -- it's actually western wear) for spurs (he is a Cav Scout, he gets to wear spurs with his Class A's). Then I went into the bookstore and this is when I got pissed. Not in the bookstore, but coming out. TJ said he expected I would stay in the bookstore longer so he called his sergeant to make sure he got a message TJ left earlier. It was about TJ having to write a 1000 word essay by tomorrow morning about why his haircut was not within regulation and why it should be.

Okay, let me first say that I am a lot more calm now than I was when I first heard this and this account will be a lot less foul-mouthed than the walk through the mall and car ride home.

Here is basically what happened -- Someone in a high rank(though still an NCO, whom I will refer to as Sir S from here on out(I can't say why I have given him this distinction) saw TJ as he took off his cap and said his hair was not within regulation and looked really bad(TJ used the word nappy, but not is what Sir S said). So he told him he had to right a 1000 word essay on regualtion haircuts and why they are important and why his was not in regulation. In addition to this TJ's sergeant(his first line) has to write a 500 word essay on why one of his soldiers did not have a regulation haircut.

Let me tell you all the reasons why I am pissed about this

1. In order to be within regulation the hair cannot touch the collar or ears or be long enough to run your fingers through with the hair showing above the fingers. TJ's hair is just touching the ear and even his sergeant thought it was still within regulation. This tells me that Sir S is nit-picking. Also, Sir S had been in a meeting all day long, sitting on is butt while TJ was running around all day, working his butt off, which contributed to the unkempt look of the hair. I can understand if it was blatantly out of regulation, but it is very questionable, still, as to whether it was actually out of regulation.

2. The fact that the "punishment" for this is to write an essay. Throw in that it has to be 1000 words and be done by the next morning is just utterly ridiculous. I think the imposing of essays as "punishment" in the army is stupid. We went through this in D Troop before TJ deployed and it was just ridiculous. Make the consequence fit the offense.

3. TJ is not the only person this has happened to. I do not know if this is worse than if it had just been him. It shows me that those in high authority are focusing on very minor and inconsequencial things as opposed to real problems. We did this with D Troop and do not want a repeat. We thought this unit was better than that.

4. The fact that TJ's sergeant's judgement was not trusted in this case and that he, too has to write an essay(again, this is what happened with other soldiers). The idea is that he is responsible for making sure his soldiers follow the regulations so he needs a "punishment" too. However, this sergeant felt that there was not a problem and that TJ was still within regulation. However Sir S did not agree. This concerns me. If he does not feel he can trust his sergeants' judgement in a thing as minor as this, how is he gonna trust their judgement in more important manners, like things pertaining to deployment? How are the people below him supposed to trust him if he doesn;t trust them?

5. TJ's hair is ALWAYS within regulation. He always makes sure it gets cut before it is too long. I get upset because he has to cut it, but he does it. Shouldn't that count for something?

I was also a little peeved that TJ had not planned to tell me about this(because he knew how I'd react and did not want to ruin my evening by telling me when he came home). Even if I had not caught the phone call, I would have noticed if TJ was writing all evening!! He doesn't write. I asked him if he has ever successfully kept something from me and he said no. I asked him what made him think this would be any different?

So, anyway, I ended up writing out the essay for him while he dictated and I helped add things and extra words to make it longer. I also wrote kind of small so Sir S will have to strain to see, maybe. It's not that small. It only took about an hour, but my hand is cramped. I hope he didn't want it typed. Our printer does not work. I also hope that TJ does not come home tomorrow having to write a longer essay because either he needs to type it or he still has not gotten the haircut(they didn't say he needed to and there is a 4 day this weekend). His excuse can be that he did not want to ess up my plans for the evening to go to Manhattan. I now know more about the types of regulation haircuts(for men and women) than I ever cared to.

I have also advised TJ to not introduce me to Sir S (I have no idea what he looks like) and/or to steer me clear of him if he sees him because I have no respect for him right now and would not be very nice(though I would be polite -- I am not a rude person) to him. I do not have respect for people who abuse their authority, which is what I feel happened here.

This is one of the downsides to military life.


Kim said...

Wooow. To a civilian that just seems ridiculous. I'm going to ask my neighbor about regulation haircuts now! :)

Robyn :) said...

A lot of things the army does does not make any sense, but in their minds it does LOL!!!

I understand the need for regualtion haircuts, BUT it wass questionable whether the haircut really was out of regulation.

Carrie said...

I can relate to #5. I hated it when Kyle had to cut his hair. (I actually cried a bit, but he doesn't know that...)

It seems ridiculous that he had to write an essay for that. Jeez. Nice to know what kinds of things I have to look forward to. Lol.

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Kyle is past basic now. He's started AIT. I think that's the reason for more leniency with the phone time. :) I'm glad, whatever the reason.

He recently found out that he's going to be stationed in Germany after his training is complete. He's excited. It's actually where his dad was stationed, and where Kyle was born. I'm happy he's happy...but it's scary to think of him so far away. :/

Robyn :) said...

Before TJ left for basic his brother-in-law gave him a pre-regulation haircut. He had nice longish hair(like past his neck)and we basically cut that off. I kept it and still have it in a ziploc bag.

It eased the transition to the more severe regulation haircut he got in basic :)

Carrie said...

Just the four years...only it'll be five for him. :/ If he wanted to make a career out of it I think I'd have kicked him. Lol.