Saturday, June 6, 2009


I have had the pleasure this weekend to have reconnected on a small level with three friends of the old army wife gang.

Yesterday evening one of my friends came over whom I have not seen or talked to(other than a comment here and there on MySpace) in a long time and we hung out for a few hours, talking, and enjoying the evening in my backyard.

This morning, after returning from the Commissary, there was a card in my mailbox from Germany. My dear, friend, Conny, sent me a thank you note for the gift I sent to her newborn son. In it she generously included 3 pictures -- one of the baby, one of her with the baby and one of her husband with the baby. Conny was a great friend to me while our husbands were deployed and her husband was a great friend to TJ. Conny and I had a lot in common (despite being from different countries!!). We were older than the other army wives in our group(the same age in fact), had younger husbands, no children(at the time), and loved Sushi. Conny was one of the people who encouraged me to apply for a Para position(along with the friend I talked to last night!!), so I owe her a great deal of gratitude for the awesome career I have now.

The 3rd friend I ran into today at the mall. Her name is Claudia and like Conny, she is German :) I spent a lot of time with Claudia almost 2 years ago when I would driv her her back and forth to Kansas City for surgery and follow up. That is when I really got to know her. She and her husband are stationed at Fort Knox, KY. I have spoke to her a few times through Instant Messenger. She and her husband were on their way to colorado and had just happened to stop at the mall today. I was walking out of Sears as she was walking in and I did not recognize her at first(her hair was longer and straighter, I think). We talked for awhile. She said they might stop overnight here on their way back home and if they do she will call me to get together. That would be wonderful.

I have truly been blessed this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Shoot Out sign up:

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hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

hm - silly me. You are signed up!

Papa usually posts the next assignment on his blog, as does Reggie Girl and Patty.


I just double checked Papa's blog, and he has it as the blog description. Reggie Girl did a post on it, and Patty usually twitters...tweets...whatever it is, the next assignment. :)
It is things that start with 'M'.

That should be infinitely more helpful - LOL!

Robyn :) said...

Thanks Jen :)