Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Things I Need To Do

Bear with me as I make another schedule for myself for the coming week.

Okay, tomorrow is my jewelry party. My plans for after work are going to Walmart, then cleaning up the diningroom and kitchen(TJ is doing the floor for me). Also the guest bathroom. If there is time I will work on the upstairs bathroom(if not it is off limits).

On Thursday I plan to REALLY clean the kitchen(like the stove and countertops) and clean out the refrigerator and reorganize to food storage closet. I also need to clean the laundry room again, but I may do that on Friday. I would also like to go swimming as it will be HOT.

On Saturday I want to go to Lindsborg for the Swedish festival. We have to be back in the evening, though, so TJ(and our HOG chapter) can ride his bike onto the ball field for the National Anthem at the Generals game. That is going to be awesome!!

Sunday is a day of rest. And reading.

I haven't decided which room to tackle next week on Monday and Tuesday, but I am leaning towards the bedroom. It would be nice to have that straightened up before our WATTNE.

On Tuesday I am getting my hair done after work. A trim and highlights. I also need to pack that evening.

On Wednesday we are going to Kansas City after I get off of work(which reminds me-- I need to make a motel reservation near the airport). First we are going down to Grandview, MO to visit the Harley Shop where we bought our bike. Not sure what we are going to do after that (we may also stop in Topeka for lunch), but for dinner I want to go to Legends Mall to this Asian restaurant where they cook at your table(maybe I should make a reservation there?). Maybe we should visit the marble shop in Bonner Springs as well. After dinner we will go to the motel to relax as we need to be up early.

Before then I also need to go on Mapquest and plan out our route to Boston and the places we want to see there. Then I need to match the directions up with the maps I have. I need to do the same for the beach in Rhode Island and TAPS and Build a Bear in Providence. And I just realized we never got an actual wedding invitation so I have no idea where the wedding is taking place!! Ack.

Calling the bride now. Groom knew the name, but not where it is or anything!! Which I could probably look up. Anyway, the bride is sending me an invitation with the particulars. Glad I got that out of the way!! LOL

Well, my show is coming on so I am going to retire for the night. Will be back with more plans tomorrow. Maybe.

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