Saturday, June 13, 2009

To Topeka - part 1

I always love a good excursion to the capitol city. Since TJ had the day off yesterday and I had the afternoon off and we had no other plans, we ventured out to Topeka. I really wanted to take the dome tour at the capitol building. First we stopped for lunch at Jersey Mike's, though. It was TJ's first time there so he got a free cookie!!

Then it was off to the Capitol.

They are doing extensive renovations to the building, both inside and out. Including the middle of the downstairs where you have the awesome view of the dome. I missed that yesterday!!

We also missed the last dome tour of the day by 10 minutes. Oh well, something to look forward to another time :)

This time we also took pictures of the grounds in front, which feature some monuments like Mr. Lincoln...

A veterans walk

and monument

Great Seal of Kansas

and a tribute to pioneer mothers.

As we were walking TJ noticed this precarious sight...

Apparently during the dome tour they let you walk outisde the dome!!! I am looking forward to that :)

We also saw this funny sight...

Corn on the cob anyone?

Next post I will show you Old Prairie Town

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