Saturday, June 13, 2009

To Topeka -- Part 2, OPT

Ever since my first visit to the capitol city back in the fall of 2006 I have wanted to visit old prairie town. I always see the signs, but usually it is either too cold or too hot or we are too busy while there. Yesterday we made an effort to check it out.

The mercantile(gift shop)

Relaxing in front of the drug store

I'll show you in a minute what was inside!!

A church and beyond it

Barber shop

Log Cabin

1880's Mansion

Then I noticed this...

and this...

There was going to be a wedding!!! Some of the guests were arriving a little early. Unfortunately, we did not stay long enough to see the bride and groom.

Another view of the barber shop

More buildings

Train Depot


Then it was back to the drug store where they have......

An old fashioned soda fountain!!!! I got a chocolate phosphate, which is a chocolate soda, basically. They also have a little something called Green River Syrup, which was described as a citrusy lime that they can put in soda(or on sundaes). It is green!! Next time I am getting that -- green soda.

Oh yeah, we are definitely going back there now that we know where it is.

I also bought some postcards and candy. Isn't that gift bag awesome???

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edi retnati said...

nice pictures, Robi.... I'm glad to meet you