Thursday, June 18, 2009

Trip Itinerary

I put together a tentative schedule for our trip. It has plenty of room for changes so you never know what is going to come up!!!

But at a glance, this is what it is looking like.

I. Wednesday, June 24 (after work)
A. Gail's Harley Davidson -- Grandview, MO
B. Legends Mall
1. Japanese restaurant
2. Tommy Hilfiger
3. Gap
4. D&B or Movies
C. Motel

II. Thursday, June 25
A. Flight
B. Motel
D. Beach
E. Chelos - dinner

III. Friday, June 26
A. Boston -- Must Sees
1. Duck tour
2. Cheers
3. Faneuil Hall Marketplace
a. Build-A-Bear
b. Harley Davidson
B. Boston -- Maybe Sees
1. Harvard
2. JFK Library
3. Filene's Bargain Basement

IV. Saturday, June 27
A. Providence
1. Build-A Bear
2. Downtown
B. Warwick
1. Harley Davidson
2. Motel
a. get ready
C. Wedding
D. Explore Area and Shop
E. Reception

V. Sunday, June 28
A. Flight

I am getting really excited!!

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