Monday, June 8, 2009


My weight this morning was 183(actually I wasn't quite sure if it was 182 or 183, so I'm gonna go with the higher) so I lost 2 pounds!!!

I am quite happy with this considering I "cheated" a few times last week, but not too bad. I was quite proud of not giving in to a Burger King temptation last night. And I only did one day of moderate exercise.

Today I am back on track with my diet and on my schedule. I worked this morning, 3 hours go by awfully fast!! We only had 3 kiddos in the class (and 2 paras!!), but tomorrow we may get some more because another teacher has 15. We will then have a mixed age group. The kids I met today were just awesome, as was the teacher and other para. I am going to enjoy this month of working.

I also attempted to ride my bike for exercise today. Normally I would save that for Friday and walk today, BUT the walking trail is on my way home and I needed to get milk at the dairy and cold groceries and didn't want to drive back. I also thought about swimming, but it is a little cooler today(70's) so biking was perfect. Except I am sorely oput of bike shape. Plus my knees still have that lingering ache. And the bike seat is small and hurts my tushe. So I went up and down the block like twice. Got my heart rate up and I sweated!! There was a slight hill. I hope to increase each week(and actually venture on to OTHER streets!!).

Next up I am going to clean a bit, then take a shower, and then read this afternoon. My immediate goals this week are to stick with my diet and exercise routine. I will add more in each week as I maintain each new thing.

As an added bonus today my husband is home!! Apparently he had one more day left on Quarters confinement :)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You seem to like schedules, so I thought I'd send this your way.

Congrats on your success! Each bit counts, that's for sure.

*sorry, deleted my first one - ridiculous typo.

Robyn :) said...

I didn't know you could delete your own comment LOL!!! I can't eve figure out how to delete someone else's!!(not that I need to, but if the occasion ever arises)

Robyn :) said...

Jen, that running plan is awesome!!! I am going to try that. It will mean less swimming(which costs me money anyway), BUT I can work it in when I start going to the gym, too(on a treadmill).