Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Unproductive, but fun!!!

I have just had the best day today!! And it didn't seem all that promising to begin with!!

So, TJ was on a range yesterday and I slept most of it so I did not get to sleep until about 1:30 am. Then I was awake at 3:30 am. I expected TJ to come home at anytime(because I could hear the range fire and it stopped about 1am), but he didn't. Then Scout was bothering me(turns out he needed more food!!). So about 4am I put the TV on for an hour or 2. Then I went back to sleep, but it was a restless sleep. TJ finally came home about 7am and then we both went to sleep. His phone woke us about 10am.

It was our friend, Kenny, asking if we would like to meet him and his wife and go for a ride to Manhattan on the motorcycles. We agreed so we got up and met them in Ogden and then rode out to Valentinos for lunch together and then to Prairie Hog(where I bought TJ his birthday present)and Brooks Yamaha. That was the very first time I rode all the way to Manhattan on the bike!! On the way home we followed them into Junction City, which means we had to take the Interstate, which was another first for me!! I also rode more in one day than I ever have before, too!!!

This evening we had them and their son over for a barbecue. It was really nice to sit out in our backyard and enjoy the early evening. Then Kenny uninstalled my iTunes and tried to reinstall, but he was getting the error, too. He suggested defragging my computer, so I will do that before I go to bed. He already cleaned out my unnecessary Internet files!

Oh, and then I just put in the memory card from my camera and when the window came up asking me what I wanted to do, the first choice was to copy the photos onto my hard drive using the Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard. What the?????? I have that??????????????? I had no idea that was on my computer, I had never seen that before!! I always use Walmart Digital Photo Manager (which is a pain). So I tried the scanner and wizard and it is working like a charm!!! It is even going to download the video I took on the camera!!(WPM will not do that!!). I have no idea what Kenny did to my computer to make that available to me :)

Okay, so since I am getting my pictures on here I will have 2 more blog posts tonight and hopefully a new header picture :)

It wasnt a very productive day(well, we did clean up a bit before the barbecue!!) and I got no exercise and did not follow my diet(but I did watch my portions), but it was a very fun day!!

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