Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wicked Cool Vacation, Wicked Pissah Return

I am back from my weekend anniversary trip to New England. We had a fabulous time (except for the 2nd plane ride home -- I'll exlain that in a minute). I'll give a quick recap here and then during this week I will be having some more in depth posts with pictures. I have over 600 pictures to upload, but they will not all be featured here!! I will put the on MySpace and post a link.

We spent the afternoon and evening in KC on Wednesday and then got up super early to go to Rhode Island on Thursday. The first flight was nice as was the second, but getting from the first one to the second in 30 minutes at the detroit terminal proved to be quite a challenge!! We came in at gate 60 something and had to depart from 11. Combined with being a few minutes late and at the back of the plane, we were not sure we would make it. Thank goodness for a tram!! The guy at the gate said 4 of us were from that plane so they knew and we were 2 and 3. 4 made it to so all was well. the flight was fine as well.

I ended up taking two Xanax. 1 before the first flight and one at the beginning of the second(or during it). I was doing pretty good until I fell asleep for 2 whole hours on the beach LOL!!

Friday we went to Boston. It is an interesting city with rather confusing streets and directions. It was some thing like the west end was actually north and the north east -- stuff like that. I had a handy map, though. We got stuck in a bit of traffic, but what is a trip to a big city without a little traffic??? It's part of the experience. The drivers are crazy, though. I dare say even crazier than in California.

Saturday was the wedding, but in the morning he we hung around Providence which is a tamer big city. It reminded me a lot of Topeka. The wedding was held right on the bay and so was the reception, but in totally different places. TJ ended up being one of the saber bearers(or whatever you call them). The wedding was kind of bittersweet for the bride and her family and friends because tomorrow she is leaving them to come live here. Seriously, I think TJ and I were the only people there at the end that were not sad but super excited that the bride and her daughter will out here with us. Also, the groom's, mom and dad (whom we have met before) invited us to come stay with them in North Carolina anytime. They were actually insisting. They are some of the nicest people we have ever met. So we really felt like we were also family at the wedding.

WARNING: The next part of this post will be a rant so if you would not like to hear me complain, scroll down to the *********.

Today we came home. I really wish we stayed an extra day or took a different airline. Going out there we took Delta which was nice except for having to pay for our checked baggage(if TJ had been on orders it would have been free) and to change our seats on the 2nd flight because we had been put one behind the other instead of next to each other. The flights, though, were nice, and the plane a good size(wide). You really could not hear anyone else, either.
Coming home, though, oy. The first plane was a propeller plane(as opposed to a jet). That was interesting. And loud. Also a little turbulent, which necessitated a second Xanax midflight(usually one would have been enough). However, this would prove to be the better of the 2 flights. It was only 40 minutes, though.
This time we had an hour layover which was good because we actually had to go to a whole different terminal. It was the plane from hell, though. A mixture of the plane itself and our surrounding passengers. First, it was narrow. 1 seat, a super skinny aisle and 2 seats. We got stuck in front of 2 very young, loud, seat kicking children. Even with 2 Xanax in me I was immediately annoyed (or maybe that was why I was annoyed so quickly). Plus, there was a kid in front of me watching something on a DVD player with no headphones. I'm sorry, but I think in such close quarters it should be a rule to have to use headphones so as not to disturb the other passengers. Anyway, I made several comments about how I hoped the engine would be loud(it was just outside the window)and I was seriously considering asking to move and I even covered my ears and possibly sighed loudly a couple times(I was annoyed) and so then I get chewed out by this one b***** saying I was making everyone uncomfortable(which I guess it is okay for ME to be uncomfortable, but GOD forbid I complain about it!!) and I was once like them. Okay, first of all, no, I wasn't because I did not fly until I was 8 years old because my parents probably knew I would be annoying. 2nd, if my kids were acting like that I would be MORTIFIED and would be apologizing to the people around me. I mean, with a baby I can understand, but kids who are old enough to know better need to be better controlled. If I ever have kids and I have even the slightest inclination that they will not be able to behave on a plane I will not take them on one until they can. I have flown near children many times and they have all been very well behaved. Anyway, I did not respond after being chewed out because I probably would have been thrown off the plane(who knows what I would have said!!) and I am not rude(well, except when I an complaining apparently). Plus I was a little out of it and did not really know what to say(besides something extremely inappropriate). I just pulled out my iPod and blasted it(checking with TJ first to make sure no one could hear it because unlike other people I am careful not to disturb others with electronics). Of course, later, the iPod died. And the engine was not loud enough(where is the prop plane when you need it?!!?). I almost fell asleep at one point, but then of course a kid screeching woke me up. I was also subjected to periodic seat kicking (so was TJ). So the lesson I learned here is not to fly on Continental(unless they get wider planes and better passengers), Xanax works great when faced with turbulence, but not loud and rude people, and to keep my mouth shut and just ask for another seat or ear plugs. Or actually, watch the decibal of my voice because as I just wrote in a comment, I actually did not realize anyone but TJ could hear me, which again, I contribute to the smallness of the plane(because on other preflights I have really not been able to hear people talking unless their voices are raised a bit or in the seat next to me). I was not yelling or even raising my voice(well, maybe a little, but I did not intend for other people to hear me!! I really do try not to be rude). This is another thing that pissed me off because basically I was expressing my discomfort to my husband and some one else took it upon themselves to butt in and verbally attack me. I think I may also request Valium instead of Xanax for next time. Oh, and in case you are wondering why I did not go ahead and ask about a seat change it was because I would have been really embarrassed if there wasn't one and also I passive agressively wanted to keep the people around me on edge as to when I might have another outburst. Immature, yes. I was on edge, too that anyhting I might subsequently say would be attacked. What kills me, though, is thinking that they probably felt victorious in shutting me up and satisfied with themselves. I need to develop a thicker skin and higher tolerance. However, I honestly feel that I was justified in my complaints and that witch was out of line in what she said to me. So, I will just let katrma do it's thing here.
We also had a very tense ride home because I was thoroughly pissed over what transpired and TJ was sick of hearing about it. I was also pissed at him because he did not defend me when I was verbally attacked, but rather acted embarrassed(which I am sure he was, but he could have explained that I get bad flight anxiety which can lead to irritability or that I probably did not mean to be so loud) and then at the end of the flight started talking friendly with the person who verbally attacked me. One more thing, I also managed to hold my tongue when that witch told the kids they did such a great job on the flight. She was not subjected to seat kicking and screeching in her ear. Part of me wishes I had said something, but I am actually proud of myself for not stooping to their level. I also hope that the mother thinks twice before taking her kids on another flight before they can behave and also realizes that there is not always gonna be someone to rudely justify her actions to others and people may actually say something rude to her and her kids. I could have said a lot worse than I hoped that the engine is loud. And as I mentioned before, not all kids that age are like that on flights. I have NEVER had a problem before.

Okay, so that is my rant about the trip. I am glad it happened at the end AND 1 out of 4 flights being bad on his trip is actually pretty fortunate. I guess it is also good that as far as I can remember this is the only flight I have ever been on with annoying kids(except the first time I ever flew and there was a crying baby behind us which I remember, but it did not bother me). Again, a baby is different because it really does not know any better(and it is unlikely to kick your seat). But this flight ranks right up there with one I took years ago where I thought I was going to die from the turbulence as the worst flights ever.

*************Okay back to New England. I left a piece of my heart there. I do not want to live there, but I do want to go for another visit sometime. I love hearing the New England accents(especially in Bahstan!!). I love how rich in history Boston is and the crazy layout of the city. I love that Boston and Rhode Island are both on the ocean(or bays). I love the lakes here in Kansas, but there is nothing like the sound of ocean waves crashing on the shore). I love that you can find Dunkin Donuts EVERYWHERE (okay, maybe this is not such a good thing!!). There are 66 Dunkin Donuts in Boston, but only 33 Starbucks. I just really enjoyed being there and wish we could have stayed longer.


Kim said...

We flew Continental to my cousin's wedding 2 years ago. The flight was supposed to leave around 10 and were delayed ON THE PLANE two hours because of a stupid air conditioner. The plane also had many parts of it DUCT TAPED. Same problem flying home. And their seats are SMALL!!!!!

(my word to enter before I can post my comment is "morman.")

Robyn :) said...

HA!! Yeah, I had an issue with their ticketing cutomer service in Tampa when TJ flew with them, but the lady on the customer service line was so sweet and helpful that that redeemed them. But I did not realize that their planes are so small and that my voice would carry(I honestly did not think anyone but TJ could hear me complaining!!) which was a huge part of the problem. I should be allowed to complain if I want, but other people did not think so and verbally attacked me. I admit, though, that they should not have been able to hear me. I would have been quieter about it if I knew my voice would carry on that plane.
And I am actually quite proud of myself, now for not saying anything back because I would have been quite nasty. However, it kills me to think that that person probably thought that she put me in my place because she did not. I was just too drugged up to think of a good response. Someday she will do that to someone else who will not take it.