Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Characterizing the Summer

Each summer here seems to be charcterized by something different.

The first summer I moved here in August so that one doesn't count :) But if it had to be characterized by something it would be hanging out in my trailer home and dinners at the Milford Tropics!!

The next summer, while TJ was deployed, was charcterized by the swimming pool. I went often and as a result had a very nice tan. I have only gone once this year.

Last summer was characterized by baseball games. We would go to Generals games all the time. This year I have gone to 2. It's sad, really.

This summer is turning out to be characterized by the lake. Last year I went once. The year before that, zero. I have been at the lake this summer 4 times with plans for more, including renting a boat when our friend's daughter comes back. When I look back on this summer I am going to think about going to the lake. and working summer school, since that took up a big chunk.

Oh, side note --- I ran into the teacher I worked with at summer school and she said there is still a place for me at the high school and she told someone there about me :) I love my school, but it is nice to know there are options :) :) :)

Here are some pictures from our 3rd lake trip this summer...

My view from our beach blanket


Bridge to the docks and the store

Hubby playing with our friends' dog

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Jessica said...

Beautiful photos. Especially, the first one. It's such a unique angle. :)