Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Fabulous Duck Tour

Before I show you pictures from the tour(and it will be a monumetal task to choose which ones to display because I have about 200) I thought I would show pictures of the tour bus. I think it deserves its very own post anyway.

I first heard about Duck Tours in Seattle. They had ones that departed from near the Space Needle. My friend, Laura, and I tried them one year, loved it, then took our friend, Bonnie, on it the next year. What it is is a converted military vehicle from WWII that is a bus that drives on land, but converts to a boat and goes in water -- hence the name DUCK.

I was thrilled when looking through the AAA Tourbook and found that Boston offered these tours. I knew that would be perfect for us and TJ would really enjoy it because they use a lot of humor. It isn't your typical tour.

Anyway, the tour departs from 2 different places -- The Prudential Center and the science museum. We opted for the Prudential Center because that was the only one mentioned in the tour book(I found out about the other location from a brochure I picked up at the motel)and I had already mapped out how to get there.

Need to note, all pictures(except the first one) were taken by my husband. Give that boy a camera and he will go picture crazy!!

Anyway, this is the DUCK we rode in

This was our tour guide, Paul from Revere

No, seriously, his name was Paul and he was from Revere, MA

Where the DUCKS wait

Front of the DUCK

DUCK in front of us

Paul starting the tour

Remember, this does turn into a functioning boat so there must be safety precautions

These were on all the DUCKS in various places

It was a code soldiers used in WWII to let fellow soldiers know a place was safe

Here is us on the tour

TJ insisited on sitting next to the window which meant he got the task of taking pictures. It was a nice break for me. He takes about as much as I do, too, if not more. Next post will have some pictures from the tour on land, then another will have them from on the river.

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Anonymous said...

oooooh! you guys did that! SO COOL!

Louis and I went to Boston when we were engaged...I wanted to do the DUCK tour, but we didn't have the money - LOL!

Oh, it looks like such fun!