Monday, July 20, 2009

First visit successful

We took Scout over to our neighbors' house to see how he would interact with the 2 kitties we will be fostering. He did really good, as did they.

At first he was scared, but when he saw the boy, Ozzie, they immediately went up to each other to sniff noses. They have met before, here, and Scout was hissy and growly, making Ozzie hissy and growly. Scout did get hissy a few times, but it was when he wanted to explore and Ozzie got close or sniffed his butt. Ozzie did hiss back. No growling or yowling, though.

It wasn't as friendly with the girl, China. She sat on a pile of clothes in the corner watching Scout. I had him go up to her but they both hissed at each other. That was it, though, No growling or yowling or swatting. Scout just went back to exploring. I think he was excited to be exploring a new space!!

Next we are going to have the kitties' parents bring them over here one at a time to see how they act in this environment as they will be staying here if all goes well. And to see how Scout acts. This will probably be done on Wednesday.

If anyone has any advice or tips or suggestions they would be greatly appreciated :) We have only had weekend kitty guests here before.

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Carrie said...

I have two cats. One is older than the other, and when we first got the new kitten, the older one was VERY resentful. She hissed a lot and acted about like what you described. We've discovered though, that when left alone, the two came to like each other. They put up the tough "I hate you" act when we're watching, but when they don't know we're around they play together quite well.

What can I say? Cats are funny funny creatures. ;)