Thursday, July 9, 2009

Flying Solo

I have been thinking a lot today about why people put off doing stuff or don't do them at all because they don't have someone to go with them. I talked to a friend on Facebook today who wanted to go to the fair, but since her husband was not going to be able to go she wasn't either. I asked her why she just didn't go with her kids and she said it wasn't as fun and she couldn;t ride the rides with the older one. That last part I could understand (except I think the child could go on some of the rides herself), but thinking it wouldn't be as fun? How does she know? And even if it weren't as fun, wouldn't it still be somewhat fun?

I guess I am lucky in feeling confident and comfortable going places on my own. When I still lived in California I wanted to go to the LA County fair, but no one was available to go with me. No problem, I just took a day off of work and went by myself. I got there when it opened and hung around well into the afternoon. I got to do what I wanted to do. That was the first time I tried a fried Snickers and Fried Twinkie, too :) In Florida I went to the Strawberry Festival by myself one year, too. I really wanted to go and I wasn't going to miss it because no one else was available.

I have ate in restaurants by myself. Shortly after my husband deployed I went to Denny's one morning. On my birthday the following year while he was still deployed I went to Village Inn for a birthday breakfast.

The first time I ever went to Oztoberfest in Wamego was by myself. My friends did not want to go and that was fine. I had a good time on my own. I also went to a baseball game last year on my own(TJ was at a range and I really wanted to see the game)

I have even gone to Busch Gardens in Florida by myself!! I had a pass and one afternoon I just wanted to go, so I did. I rode a few rides by myself and was just fine.

I have blogging friends who will do things on their own. One of them misses her boyfriend, who is away, terribly, but she goes out and does all sorts of wonderful things and is even taking a trip with friends. Another went on a trip with her husband, but while he was working during the day she went out and saw the sights of a new city by herself.

So why is it so hard for some people to do things on their own? If you are one of those people I am curious to know.

Again, I feel very blessed to have opportunities to try new things and go new places and if my husband can't always go with me that is okay, or if friends are not available either, then I am perfectly content to just venture out on my own :)


GingerV said...

of course we should - do things alone and be comfortable with our own company. there are times when I will go it alone and see what I need to see. at home in the USA it is easier no language barrier (which I imagine I erect all by myself- hahahhaa) but often is somewhat scary to go out in foreign countries - then I often do tours - yep to have others with me.... this last trip home I found that I wanted (not needed) others because in Brasil I often feel extreme aloneness - having a walking partner or someone to sit through a movie with - eases that feeling. being really alone is best done at home among your comfort things.

Carrie said...

I agree completely! I've never had a problem doing things alone. I actually perfer to go to restaurants alone long as I have a good book. ;)

Robyn :) said...

If i were to visit a foreign country, I think then I would definitely want someone with me!! Or to go on a tour of some kind. This was actually an issue when we thought we would be stationed in Germany. I told my husband that if there were opportunities to go to Paris, Rome, London, etc and he had to work i would not hesitate to go on my own!!(well, not on my own because it would be like a tour, but without him).

Anonymous said...

Interesting post - I just went to the movies alone!

I saw "My Sister's Keeper" - what a tear jerker!

I have to admit, I felt very self conscious, as I did when I ate alone at an IHOP one morning.

But you know what, doing stuff like that alone just makes me feel better about myself. It is hard to do it though!

Doreen said...

I do many things alone also. Being single for so long has made me get out there if I wanted to do something. You can sit around and let life pass you by or you can jump on and enjoy the ride! (hey - that rhymes!)