Saturday, July 25, 2009

"Get Your Motor Runnin'......"

Last Saturday our friends and we decided to take advantage of the cooler weather and take a motorcycle trip to Topeka, traveling the back roads.

First, TJ and I stopped here in town for breakfast...

Then, after picking up Ed and Sue we were ready to "head out on the highway...."

Hwy 57 to Hwy 4. We stopped in Alta Vista for lunch

They advertised frozen Cokes, but their definition of a frozen Coke which was Coke frozen in a paper cup, was a lot different from my definition of a Coke slushie.

After that stop we continued on our way "looking for adventure and whatever comes our way...."
The adventure included Ed almost running out of gas, having to ask people in a church getting ready for a wedding where the gas station in Dover was(there wasn't one), then getting directions up to Wannamaker Rd in Topeka, only to discover it was blocked off for construction, the detour went way out of the way and having to stop a car at an intersection for a quicker alternate route. We finally ended up at here on Gage

We got gas and adjusted helmets

"Yeah darlin go make it happen..."

There was a crazy looking church across the street.

Then we headed to our next stop -- Topeka Harley Davidson

They were having a 20% off clothing sale so I bought a pair of riding boots!!

My wonderful hubby helped me to get them laced and zipped up!!

This was the view from where we were sitting outside the Eagle's Nest Cafe

After the Harley Shop we went over to the mall and then to Red Lobster for dinner

Where Sue indulged us by taking our picture

"Take the world in a love embrace...."

TJ kept acting silly!!

After dinner we decided to take the Interstate back. Bad idea. It scared me. All the trucks and cars passing. We were lucky that no one decided to "fire all of your guns at once and explode into space...."!!!

When we stopped at the Waubunsee rest stop for Sue to pee, Ed decided he wanted ice cream at Cold Stone in Manhattan so I asked that we get off the interstate. He agreed and we took 99 up though Wamego

I was able to get some nice shots of the Columbian Theatre

The methodist church

Another church

And a planter

We were almost attacked by a giant bug!!

"I like smoke and lightning..."

"Heavy metal thunder...."

"Racin with the wind, and the feeling that I'm under....."

"Yeah darlin go make it happen....."

"Take the world in a love embrace. Fire all your guns at once and explode into space. Like a true nature's child, we were born, born to be wild. We can climb so high, I never wanna die...."

"Born to be wild......."

"Born to be wild!"

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