Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Glimpses of Boston

I did not forget about this!!! I have just been so busy and distracted going to the gym, reading, working on cleaning my room, catching up on blogs, dealing with issues, getting pissed off and writing word heavy posts that I have neglected to keep up with posts about our trip!!

Anyway, here are some of the better pictures from the Duck Tour while we were on land. All were taken by my husband.

Boston Common

Gothic church

Tall buildings

Busy corner

Another DUCK on the Charles River

The trash cans are walking!!!!

Cool doorway

Cool plaque

Cool pointy building

A mix of old and new

The real Cheers

There are only 33 Starbucks in Boston, but there are 66 Dunkin Donuts. However, there is only one of these...

I am not sure whether to be appalled or enthralled. It seems like a match made in heaven, BUT not really.

I am working on getting all of the pictures on MySpace and when I do I will post a link so you can look at all of them if you want.

The next trip blog will be from the DUCK tour in the water(and beyond).

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