Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hard Adjustments

Things are not going as smoothly as I hoped.

Our foster kitty, China, came to live with us yesterday. Scout was very excited and ran up to her with kisses. She replied with hisses., (but accepted the kisses). However, she was not too sure about the new arrangement and feeling a little anxious and I think just wanted to relax, but Scout wanted to play with her and engage her and she got fed up. Now she hisses AND growls when he comes remotely near and downright screams at him if he dares go up to her. She was camped out under my bed, but found a better spot in a cupboard in the kitchen!! I took the dishes out so she could have the whole shelf. TJ put her food and water in there, but I made him take it out because I want her to learn that she will be fine getting out and getting it where it belongs.

On top of this, Scout had another battle yesterday. With a bulldog. My next door neighbor brought the(Brigade or Battalion mascot), Chester the Bulldog, home while he got his little dog, Snowball. He tied Chester to the support column on his side of the carport. Snowball came running over to see Scout, who I let out to see Snowball. I carried him over at a safe distance to see Chester and neither really reacted. So, I let Scout stay out on his leash(I felt bad that he was getting screamed at inside). Well, at some point, Chester got loose and chased Scout(he wanted to play!!). Scout was not having any of this and put up a good fight!! He's one brave little dude!! He scraped his back claws, but other than that was fine, just a little on edge. I think he then understood how his new sister was feeling.

Or it just made him braver and now her screaming and growling doesn't bother him a bit!! He pretty much ignores her and gets as close as he wants, but does not try to fight with her as he did yesterday. Though, I think he thought she was playing!!

One of my friends who has over 10 cats told me to give them 2 weeks and they should be fine. So I will do that.

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