Tuesday, July 21, 2009

He's At It Again

Okay, you remember this post where I talked about one of the people in TJ's leadership, whom I dubbed Sir S (for reasons I am still not comfortable divulging lest he or someone he knows reads this and tells him) who I felt was abusing his power. I also said that I better not ever meet him because I would have a few choice words to say.

Well, it turned out I had already met him. Oh. And one of my friends thinks that he is just so nice. Okay, I trusted her judgement. Somewhat. I was still quite upset with how my husband's so called out of regulation haircut was handled, but maybe it was just an off day.

I ended up crossing paths with him at a birthday party(I kinda suspected he might be there). Don't worry -- I was polite!! When introduced I said hi. I even sat outside where he was for awhile, but he never once acknowledged me. Okay, fine, whatever. I don't know you either. I stayed inside the rest of the time because I really did not want to be around him. Plus, my friends were inside.

Then there is today. My husband came home about 10am. Said the 2 platoons in his company had a formation at 9am and a few people's uniforms in the other platoon were not up to par. So they were all sent home to do laundry. Okay, fair enough. Even though TJ's platoon was fine they are all in it together(which is what happens when something goes wrong. Do they all get rewarded when one person does something good?? NO). Anyway, it seemed like a fitting punishment. They had to be back at work at 1pm and would have another formation. Fine.

What TJ neglected to tell me or thought he told me was that the formation is at 6PM. WTF????????? They went back at 1pm and the formation is at 6pm?????????? That is RIDICULOUS. Just because Sir S is DIVORCED and does not have a family to get home to doesn't mean he should keep these other soldiers away from their families for their uniforms not being clean!!! Give me a break. He is on a power trip and someone needs to take him off of it.

I thought about the fact that they did get 2 hours off for laundry today so maybe the extra 2 hours now is to make up for it, but they are not making up for lost work time -- they are doing remedial PT. Absolutely ridiculous.

So, I was right all along. This person abuses his power as an authority and I absolutely have no respect for him and probably never will. I absolutely do not want my husband deploying with this person because I do not trust him(not just with my husband, but with other leadership under him because of what happened last time). If I see him at another function I will either leave (even if it is at a friend's house like last time, because I am on that same side with ANOTHER issue) or steer clear for fear of saying something nasty, even though he deserves it. I won't risk my husband's career, though. If spoken to by this person(which I doubt will happen -- I am just the peon wife of a specialist) I may not be all that polite either and may walk away right in front of him.

Oh well, there is nothing else I can do, but vent, so thanks for listening!!

(there is another issue going on that I want to write about so badly, but out of respect to certain people I won't)

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