Monday, July 20, 2009

It's been quite a weekend

It is 2am and I can't sleep. Too much on my mind.

Yesterday was great. We rode the motorcycle all the way to Topeka and back, mostly on scenic backroads(the Interstate scares me!!). I was very sore and tired last night, but it was worth it. I also fell right to sleep. I had to make myself get up and go to church this morning, but that was so worth it as well. I only took a 2 hour nap this afternoon, but I am still having trouble falling asleep. I have tried reading and that didn't work, so I am blogging.

I received some sad news today from my mom. The former pastor of her church(and my former church) and my boss from when I worked there in high school, passed away this week. His name was Father O'Dwyer (I used to be Catholic). He was only 61. He was serving as pastor in a church in Westlake, CA(they move them now every so many years, not like the old days when you stayed with a parish until you retired) and had a meeting one evening and when the other people arrived they found him passed away. A maintenance man had seen him alive within the hour. There is going to be an autopsy to find out what happened. He will have a funeral mass at that church as well as my mom's.

Father O'Dwyer was a very nice man. He was from Ireland and all of his parishioners loved him. I got to know him when I worked at the church rectory. When my dad was dying he came to our house that evening to visit with me and my grandma(my mom was at the hospital). That was right after he gave my dad his last rites. He fought to get an extension to stay at st Bruno's(our church)longer than what was the new norm for pastorships and was granted it. Under his leadership, a new Parish Center was built(my mom was on the committee). He also performed the funerals for both my dad and my grandma.

Several years ago he went on an extended vacation. When he came back he told the parish that he had been at an alcohol rehab for priests. He said they asked him there if he was going to tell his parishioners and he said of course. They had a right to know. As you can imagine, it is very stressful to be a priest, especially a Pastor of a Catholic Church. Alcoholism among priests is more common than you may think.

Anyway, the news of his passing made me very sad.

There is also something else I am struggling with. I will not go into it, but basically I am kind of in the middle of something(though I have not formally been put in the middle, thank goodness) and am trying very hard to stay out of it and respect the decisions and feelings of those involved. I want to try to "fix" the situtaion, but it is not my place. I am trying to show the same respect that is being shown to me. I understand the feelings and actions(whether they be wrong or right) of those involved, but also see the situation from both sides. But I will not tell people how to feel or what to do. I am just praying that all will work out eventually and that I can continue to be understanding and respectful.

Finally, another challenge that has come up is that our friends who are moving to Germany are not going to be able to take their cats. They asked if we would be willing to take one or both. TJ and I talked about it and decided that we want to see how Scout interacts with them first(well, he has met one before -- the male-- and did his hissing and growling thing) and then see about taking them into our home while trying to find them a more permanent home. We do not think we can care for 3 cats. Possibly 2, but we would like to find them a home somewhere else. Of Scout can resonabe tolerate them(I think he will like the female) we will take them and look for a home for about a month. If that doesn't work we will take them to the shelter on Post before Apple Days in September. They have a better chance of being adopted there, I think, The shelter brings them out to that. The abandoned cat we found last year by our apartment was adopted that way. Our friend's mom is trying to find them homes, too, and our friend is putting an ad on the yard sale website. they are really good cats and both declawed and I think spayed and neutered. The female is all black and very independent. The male is gray with white socks and incredibly friendly. He cuddles like Scout. And drinks water straight from the tap. We think he will have no problem being adopted. Not to sure about the female as she is not as outgoing, but she is not mean or anything. Just does her own thing.

Well, I guess I will try again to go to sleep. I need to go to the gym in the morning :)

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