Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Just Thinking....

I commented on Jessica's blog about where I would like to live. I said here in Kansas, but with the beach LOL. And only a month long winter with non-stop snow.

I talked about some other things. How I love having the opportunity to live near and work in a small town(which claims Fort Riley as their own). How I grew up in a Los Angeles suburb who prided themselves on having a small town feel -- which I agreed with until I actually came to live here. It is not the same.

I also talked about where I would like to live for our next duty station. Though it is most likely we will be here for the next 2 years at least, there is always the possibility of being transferred. Lately, I have been feeling a pull to go to Fort Lewis, Washington.

This was actually one of the options back when TJ re-enlisted, but he chose 1 year stabilization here at Fort Riley. Which I will be forever grateful for because I found a job and career and community I love here. Washington is also one of the options if TJ goes Special Forces.

I used to make yearly visits to Seattle in the years following college. The first time was for a wedding and I fell in love with it so I went back every year for several years to visit my friend, Laura. I had not talked with her in awhile, but we reconnected on Facebook and it has stirred up memories of my visits there. I truly love the Seattle area (Fort Lewis is closer to Tacoma, I think, but that is not all that far from Seattle) and even toyed with the idea of moving there. I would love to show my husband the area and have him meet my friend and her family. I have another friend across the state in Spokane.

I would love to be there for a few years so I can explore more of the state as well as revisit my favorite places such as the Public Market, Space Needle, and the not-to-far-away-by-boat Victoria, Canada. It would be nice to be close to the ocean again(albeit a cold ocean!!) and mountains. I can deal with all the rain. I would also be closer to California and my family and friends there. There would also be a Mormon Temple nearby.

I do not know if this will ever become a reality, but the idea is planted in my mind and I have expressed my interest to TJ. In the meantime, I will enjoy my awesome life here in Kansas.


Carrie said...

Oh moving. Isn't it exciting to think about? (And frustrating. I hate packing.) But other than the packing it's just wonderful. :)

Robyn :) said...

Yeah, I moved 3 times in 2 years in this area so i am done moving anymore around here!!

But it is inevitable as an army wife that we will get stationed somewhere else so I will have to move again :) at least it will not be around here!(not that I don't love it here, I am just sick of moving around the post!). Also, if it is a military move the govt pays for your stuff to be packed :)