Wednesday, July 1, 2009

More to Come, but first....

There will be more vacation posts, but first I wanted to talk about a couple other things.

First, I want to say how much I have really enjoyed my summer school job. The kiddos were just as fantastic as those at my regular job and the teacher was just awesome. Yesterday she told me that my school was lucky to have me and that if I ever wanted to come work at the high school I would be welcome :) That really made me feel good and reinforced my belief that I am doing the job I was meant to do. I will miss her and the kids, BUT I will probably be seeing more of her in the fall when her hubby comes back from deployment and she rides with him on HOG rides that I will be riding with my hubby on!!

Second, on Saturday morning I will be doing something I have never done before... I will be in a parade!! I will be riding on the bike with TJ. Since it will be slow going I will be taking pictures as well. For the past 2 years I have attended the parade and taken pictures, but this time it will be from the perspective of the parade route!!

Third, my friend, Sue, whose wedding we just attended, arrived safely the other day with her "new" husband, our friend, Ed(they have actually been married since May -- TJ and I were the witnesses at that marriage). Last night we went over to their house to help them unload the moving van. Her daughter had also arrived safely with close friends of the family -- they drove theor own car and Sue's out here. I am so happy to have Sue and her daughter here(although her daughter is going back to Rhode Island for the rest of the summer). Sue told people at the wedding that I was going to be her best friend in Kansas :)

Fourth, I am starting to come to terms with what happened on our horrible flight back home. If you read one of my previous posts you know that I was chewed out by someone for expressing my discomfort(a little too loudly)at the loud seat-kicking kids behind me(not the mother of those kids, though. She kept her mouth shut). I have been upset about this, still, because I felt angry with myself for not saying something back when I got chewed out and the thought that they probably thought they put me in my place. However, I do believe strongly in karma and it was brought to my attention by my husband that that karma went into effect a little sooner than I realized. Apparently, on that plane ride, the toilet was backed up. And everytime the door opened you could smell it(and people were standing in the aisle by us to wait so it got quite claustrophobic, but not to me). I HAD NO IDEA. I was blissfully drugged out. I also believe that the only thing I was in the wrong about in that incident was talking so loud. I think that woman was out of line for speaking to me the way she did. I also think, as I have told this to people before, that the truth hurts and the reason she was so uncomfortable with my complaints is probably that she has heard them before with her own kids. She was lashing out at me because she knew I had a legitimate right to complain, but she did not want to face that so she turned it around on me. I think that I acted in a much more appropriate way by choosing not to respond and keeping my mouth shut for the rest of the trip. The kids, however, did not stop their seat kicking or loudness and were not encouraged to do so(which was the real problem). Interesting. One day that woman is going to say the wrong thing to the wrong person and something nasty is going to be said to or about her in front of her kids. I am proud to say that I did not stoop to her level and be that person. Also, the woman with the kids will find that there will be other flights where if she is not controlling her kids people will say a lot worse things than they wish the engine will be loud(seriously, that is all I said, just repeatedly) and there will not be someone to "defend" her. I hope she thinks twice about flying with children that young again or if it is absolutely necessary she handles it better and maybe apologizes to those around her for the misbehavior. I know I will never take my children on a flight if I think they will act like that and if I absolutely have to I will be apologizing up front and asking what I can do to make up for it. No one should EVER have to be in the position I was in.

Okay, so that's that!! Just had to work out some of those feelings so I can look back on the trip as a whole with fond memories. If I knew beforehand that the end would be like that, I would still go because it was truly a wonderful trip.

My next post will be some Boston pictures. They will be broken up into a few posts, though, because there are so many. I also need to get a disposable camera developed because our battery died on the digital!!


GingerV said...

isn't it a nice feeling to be apreciated as we grow, liking yourself is good but hearing someone else say 'your great' is even better.

Nothing - NOTHING is worse than being stuck on a plane with no where to go and a child that is misbehaving... or should we say the parent is misbehaving the child was just doing what children do when not supervised.

Robyn :) said...

Thank you, Ginger :)