Sunday, July 26, 2009

Much Better

Okay, remember when I had a really bad day at church and blogged about how I was not happy with things, especially the person in charge of Home Teaching and the goals that were arbitrarily set and the fact my husband asked for help for me and none was given? Okay, so things have changed.

That person left(got transferred with the Army) a few months ago and we have a new person in charge. It is acually the Elders Quorum President who is in charge of that stuff(I did not know that). Anyway, we got a new one, someone in the church I was already sort of familiar with(I chat with his wife all the time on Facebook and have been sitting with her in Relief Society). He called last night and asked if he could come visit us today and we agreed. He brought a long a Stake high council member as well.

This guy is trying to get to know the members of the ward and what they are about. I am very pleased with this. There was no discussion of goals. Just trying to find out more about us (our backgrounds) and how it would be best for us to receive information, especially TJ who works in primary and doesn't always get announcements and such that you get in priesthood meeting.

I also feel that if I were to have another spiritual crisis or doubt of my worthiness in the church this guy would actually come to my house to find out what was wrong!!

I have gone to church 2 weeks straight now and have enjoyed all 3 hours(well, technically 3 weeks, but the first I left after Sacrament). We also had the missionaries for dinner tonight and it was wonderful. I am feeling much better about the church and my place in it.

Quick cat update -- with Scout safely tucked away upstairs(first sleeping in the closet, then shut in the spareroom), China decided to venture out of the cupboard to eat and visit with us and the missionaries and explore the bathroom. However, she is still very intolerant of Scout. He keeps trying to win her over, but it just freaks her out.

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