Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Neighbors Must Think I Am Crazy

I am the crazy cat lady.

Last week I took my cat for a walk one night. I am able to walk him on his 12 foot leash. It's not really walking, though. It's basically him going where he wants and sniffing everything while I hold the leash. Anyway, we were heading up the street and of course he stops right under the streetlight for all to see. The neighbors in the next duplex over were sitting in their driveway. They had a nice show watching me wrangle the cat from trying to cross the street, then get him turned around so he would walk back towards our duplex.

Then, last night, they were out and I had to go ask them if they had seen a cat running around trailing a 12 foot leash. Here's what happened...

Scout was putting up such a racket to go outside after we came home last night that I gave in. I let him out and hooked the leash to him. A little while later TJ gets up off the couch, walks towards the door and asks if Scout is out there. I say yes and he asks if he is on the leash. I say yes. TJ goes outside and comes in a minute later and asks if I am sure I put him out there. I said yes, he is on the leash, isn;t he there?? TJ says no. I then realized something from looking at the door. Isaid, isn't the leash attached to the door??? He says no, he took it opff because he kept tripping over it.

So now we have a missing cat who is walking around with a 12 foot leash attached!! I got really worried because I was afraid he would get caught on something. I went and got the flashlight and then noticed the neighbors and asked them about Scout. Then I went behind our duplex to look for him, but nothing. When I got to the front TJ had already found him. He had been in the backyard. He probably thought it was really cool to be able to go where he wanted even with a leash attached!!


Jessica said...

Haha. What a cute story. :) Pets keep you on your toes.

Precious won't go outside. She ran out one time when the door was open. She made it to the second step before crouching down shaking.

Actually, she doesn't even like to be taken out of the house in her carrier. Haha. :)

Carrie said...

Aw, he's such a pretty kitty! :) I'm glad you found him; I was worried there for a minute...