Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One Down, One To Go(More added)

Our friends found a home for the male cat, Ozzie. So now we just need to find one for China, the female. We are going to try to bring her over here later today to see how she does and how Scout reacts to her in his home. Hopefully all goes well.

I still need to get to the gym today and work on my room. I also want to get together with my friend, Sue, and go somewhere. I may skip the gym(my goal is 4 days this week) and just do that.

We are going to be taking another substantial motorcycle ride tomorrow night to Council Grove(about 30 miles one way). Not as far as Topeka, but still a good ride. I am excited and during this ride TJ will hit 5000 miles!!


Thank you for the comment, Carrie ;) However, I want to make it clear that we did not find the home for the cat our friends with the cats were able to find someone to take him. Credit goes to them :)

In other news.... I may have found myself a motorcycle. They have a pre-owned 2008Yamaha V-Starr 250cc at the Harley Shop. I actually looked at this bike at the Yamaha store last year. I fit on it, especially with my boots. Meaning, it is small. 250cc is very maneageable as well. I probably won't be making long rides on it, but for around town and maybe dinner rides it should be fine. The plan is this... I take the motorcycle riding course next week. If I pass that, then I will go immediately to the DMV and take the written test there. IF I pass that we will see if the shop still has the bike and test drive it. If I get it then I can take the road test at the DMV (after a little practice). The only drawback is the color. Kind of maroon purplish. However, it is not hideous and the pros of getting this bike overshadow the color. When it is paid off and I want to upgrade I can be picky about color. If this bike is gone I will continue looking for something. There is a place in Wichita that sells all kinds of bikes and I also like the Honda Rebel, which is also small.

I skipped the gym today. I just did not feel like going. However, I did walk down to the Shopette and back, which I think is about a mile roundtrip. So I did something (with all I do at the gym I think I average about 3 miles). I am waiting now for TJ to come home so we can go to Manhattan to the library and maybe a trip to HuHot(even though we went to IHOP last night). It is military discount night.

I have also made progress cleaning my bedroom. About a quarter of it is clean. If I work on it the next three days it should be all straightened up, cleaned and even the floors swept and mopped!! Except for the drawers and closets. I will tackle those when it is time to put away summer clothes!!

All in all, it shaping up to be a good week.

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Carrie said...

Aw, yay! I'm glad that you've found a home for one. =)