Tuesday, July 14, 2009

One month

I just went out to the mailbox(yes, at 9:30 at night!) and discovered I had a letter there from the school district. It was to welcome me to the 2009-2010 school year and tell me my report back to work date is 8-13-09!! Even though I planned on going back, it a a relief to get the official letter!! It is only one month away!!

That is only one month to enjoy my summer vacation and try to get my house in order. It feels like the days are slipping by. Last week I was house bound for 2 days and the rest of the week is kind of a blur. I started this week off with a 5 hour nap Sunday afternoon, then went non stop yesterday!!

My friend, Sue, called me at 8:30am to ask if i wanted to go along with her to Manhattan to the SS office. I did and that was a very quick errand. We went over to the mall after and I got some new clothes. Then we attempted to buy her awasher and dryer, but there were some issues with that. She and her husband ended up getting them back in JC and also a bedroom set. I was with them the whole time(yes, not only am I a great witness for a marriage, I am excellent moral support in appliance and furniture buying!!LOL). Then we went to lunch at the chinese buffet. After we went back to her house to see if she got something in the mail she needed(she didn't) then back out for icecream and grocery shopping and then back to her house for a cookout. That ended up being delayed because the guys went to a HOG meeting that lasted quite awhile. Oh, and they had to install the washer and dryer :) After eating her husband suggested a game of Phase 10. It was 9pm already. A bit of advice -- don't start a Phase 10 game(expecially with 5 people)at 9m unless you have nothing to do the next day!! The game ended after midnight.

When i game home my stomach was hurting with cramps. So i took a muscle relaxer(on advice of Sue, who is a nurse, this works better than ibruprofen). Unfortunately, that wasn't the only thing wrong with my tummy so I had to take other medicine that also causes drowsiness. I was in so much pain, too, that I decided to take a hot bath, which was totally relaxing, especially when you are double drowsy and turn the lights off. After the bath my cat decided to jump in while the water was draining(I think he was trying to catch a spider and was succeesful as there is a dead one there now)so I needed to take a minute to dry his wet legs!!

I fell asleep after 2am and slept right up until 1:30pm today!! At 2pm my visiting teachers came (which I forgot about so I was in pajamas). After that i played on the computer and read and took another hour nap!! Then I watched Big Brother, had a sandwich for dinner and now am here!!

I am going to try really hard tomorrow to get to the gym and also clean the upstairs bathroom. Also, I need to pay bills and get the dishes done. I would go walking right now for some exercise, but it is 88 degrees and HUMID. And I am still a bit crampy, but it is mostly the humididty that is keeping me in!!

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