Wednesday, July 15, 2009


So, I wrote a few times before about how I am trying to lose weight and get healthier. I attempted to embark on an exercise regimen of walking everyday and doing the DASH diet. Well, both did not work out.

So, I am trying something new. I am starting with an exercise plan. Today I went to the gym for the first time in like 2 years. Actually, make that 6, as the 2 years ago it was short lived. However, back when I lived in California I went to the gym quite regularly for abut 2 years. They offered a discounted membership to 24 Hour Fitness through my work so I got that. There was an old one near my house, then they built a nicer one, and good one across the street from work. I had a trainer for awhile and I went several times a week. I had to cancel my membership when I got to Florida because they didn't have any near where I lived and that ended my gym going days.

Today I went down to King Field House on Main Post. It was really nice and thye have a lot of machines. I did 30 minutes on the treadmill, but I am going to break it up next time into 15 minutes each on the treadmill, elliptical and stationary bike. This will be 3 times a week. 2 days I will do 10 on the treadmill or elliptical, then weight training, then 10 minutes on the elliptical or treadmill. I also want to add swimming on these days. The gym also has a sauna I may take advantage of :) I plan to keep this up when I go back to work. Since there is a locker room I can go before work. My only concern is if soldiers are doing PT there.

The other thing I am doing is trying to eat healthier and better. I am following the ideas put forth in this book....

Here's a link to it on Amazon for a description..
Naturally Thin
The author is one of the Real Housewives of New York City (though she is not a wife) which is how I heard about this book. I checked it out of the library to see what it was about and loved it so I bought a copy. She talks about how to eat what you love and how to balance what you eat. She gives you 10 "rules" to follow like Your Diet is a Bank Account and You Can have It All, Just Not All At Once. She gives examples of how she eats as well and yummy sounding recipes. She also talks about the "law of diminishing returns" where if you are eating something decadent and it is not starting to taste as good as it did after the first couple of bites, then stop eating it because it will not taste as good again. I have practiced that one a few times. Most of all, she tells you not to deprive yourself and she does not tell you WHAT to eat. The only thing I don't like is that she is against soda(except club soda) LOL!! That's the only thing she says she will tell you not to have because it is not a food. I will not give up my soda, but I think I have given up diet.

I rarely buy books, so for me to buy one means I think highly of it(or it is on discount and this one WAS NOT) and will recommend it to others. I do recommend this one. If you are unsure, check it out at the library.

Another place I like to look to for healthy recipes and ideas is this blog,
Love Healthy Living
The author is an old friend of mine from college I recently reconnected with on Facebook.

So, anyway, this is what I am striving for. I have slipped up a couple times, but overall am doing good.

Oh, by the way, my weight was at 180 yesterday :)


Jessica said...

Don't forget to do some weights. Just do light weights like 3 or 5 lbs. You'll see a difference quicker. :) Or if you have cable machines keep it light, too.

Robyn :) said...

Yeah, twice a week I am going to free weights and the machines. I didn't get a chance today to check out what they have(it was in another area). I am hoping to do that tomorrow.