Saturday, July 4, 2009

Parade Perspective

This didn't quite turn out how I planned. I'll explain in a bit.

This morning I rode in my very first parade (who else has rode in a parade?) with my hubby on his Harley. We rode with the HOG group.

This is the scene that greeted us this morning in the high school parking lot

We, however, were able to line up on Eisenhower.

There was a sandwich across the street making me hungry!!

The soldiers were at the front of the parade

They were waiting in front of the high school. There were over a 1000.

While waiting I decked out my helmet

Party in the front, business in the back

Our bike was decorated, too

So was I

Those are our friends, Ed and Kenny, in the background.

This is the guy(and his bike) who led us.

Yes, someone did sit in the sidecar.

At 10am we got ready to ride. I took this first picture from the back of the bike before TJ got on.

This is usually what my vantage point looks like!!

This is the one picture I took from the parade route

It was at the beginning, on Eisenhower(I never realized the parade actually started there and not on 6th street as I usually sit on the opposite end, on 6th. But it actually starts on Eisenhower).

I quickly realized that with gloves on my hands (which I was required to wear riding with a military memeber) I could not really work the camera all that well and getting it in and out of my jacket pocket would be tricky and risky. I also wanted my hand free to wave(especially at people I knew!!). So that is the only parade route picture I took!!

I also had a duh moment. Before the parade there was one rider near us with his wife(I think) and she was taking pictures and we were talking. In the back of my mind I thought she looked familiar, but I figured I had probably met her at a HOG thing before(except I have only been to like 2 things). Anyway, while riding someone called her name. Then I realized who she was -- she is the lady who usually cuts my hair at the salon on post(I believe she is also the manager)!! We confirmed this after the parade :)

We really do live in a small community!!

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Carrie said...

Aw, it looks like you had lots of fun! (I was wondering how taking pictures while riding was going to work out. If it had been me I would have dropped my camera for sure.) :)