Friday, July 17, 2009


Well, I have made it to the gym 3 days ina row this week!! I am shooting for all 5 next week. I have been going at 11 am because that is when my friend said she goes, but I have not seen her. Now that I am used to the gym I will go at other times if I need to and be comfortable.

One thing I am not comfortable with is the weight room. I went to use it and there were no women, only soldiers and the machines intimidated me. So I am going to stick with the cardio room. I think I will let good old Billy Blanks help me with some Tae Bo weight training. Today I did what will become my regular routine -- 10 minutes each on the treadmill, elliptical and bike, increasing the time 1 minute each week(after a month on 10 and 15) until I can do 20 minutes on each. I will also slowly increase the activity level. I am also going to try the different workouts on the machines offered like Fat Burn, Cardio , Interval, etc. I also discovered today that in the corner they have a sit-up incline so I think I will start using that, too, next week.

I even took an extra walk last night on my street and the next one over. I think all together it was a mile.

I have been eating well, too. Except for Monday night, but the rest of the week I did really good. We even went out to Famous Dave's last night and I was careful. I had a sald, but indulged a bit in fries(they were free so we could sample the sauces since we hadn't been there in over a year)and instead of an entree got an appetizer(slamon with a cream cheese and pepper spread on grilled flatbread) and 1 rib(it was $1.00 to add to TJ's meal). I also had 1/2 a cornbread muffin for dessert. I only ate a little of the appetizer and had more for lunch today and will have some for lunch tomorrow!!

Today I made banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from a recipe that uses healthier ingredients like oat flour, raw sugar and soy milk. They turned out pretty good!!
I am making a barbecue chicken and vegetable stir fry tonight(using a leftover from TJ's dinner last night) with brown rice. I made a vegetable stir fry the other night with scrambled eggs(1 whole eggs and 2 egg whites) and it turned out really good. I experiment with seasonings, too.

I have been making some small changes to help me eat better. Here are just a few...
Multi grain bread instead of white (much more texture and flavor)
Dark leafy lettuces like Bibb and Romaine instead of Iceberg
Soy milk in baking and on cereal. I still drink skim or lowfat from the dairy.
Oat or wheat flour in baking(will use white flour at Christmas time for my specialties :)

There is a lot more, too. I am actually learning to love vegetables(especially broccoli). I have also found that of you put a little honey or agave nectar on bran cereal it is much better tasting than sugar(I have never been one to ADD sugar to stuff like cereal and tea)and if you add in blueberries it makes a darn tasty breakfast!!

If anyone has anymore tips for me or suggestions, please let me know.


GingerV said...

cinsounds like your being very dedicated to your new routine - but try to go back and use the weights, have a trainer help you or ask the guy around - they love showing off their skills, weights are esential to your health later. increasing bone densitiy is one side effect of weights. Try it ten times then if you still dont enjoy find a substitute, also when on the treadmill use a small backpack (purse) with about 2lbs in its (two cans of vegetables) and you will be doing 'resistance' exercise.

Robyn :) said...

I remembered that there is actually a gym closer to where I live on post that has their cardio and weights in the same place and it is smaller, too. AND they have a 2 lane lap pool(though I think it is closed for repairs). I may start going there for 2 days a week to get weight training and some swimming.