Friday, July 24, 2009

Reflections of the Friday Photo Shootout

The old Diana Ross song is going through my mind as I work on this post for the Friday Photo Shootout...

"Through the mirror of my mind
Time after time
I see reflections of you and me....."

Audrey chose the topic for this week, which is Reflections. I thought this would be quite a challenge so I started on it a week early(even though I knew I had some shots in the archives). Turns out I got plenty of material.

I will start with an archived photo from our trip to Boston last month on the DUCK tour

I have no idea what my husband(who took the picture) was going for, but it made for an interesting photo!!!

Okay, the following will be from what I took the past 2 weeks

Sun reflecting off a boat at Thunderbird Marina at Milford Lake

Taking pictures on an afternoon drive

From our Topeka motorcycle road trip

That picture was taken in Wamego, KS

My reflection in TJ's helmet

TJ's reflection in my helmet

I thought I looked quite sophisticated in my bathing suit "cover up"

Reflections in Milford Lake from the Thunderbird Marina


GingerV said...

inside the first photo - in the long mirror is a woman with short hair, glasses and a white with black striped shirt - are you sure that isn't me.... looks like me, and the shirt is the one I am wearing today.... are you sure?

enjoyed the shots.

Brett said...

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kate said...

I really like the helmet shots. Very fun :)

Carrie said...

Oooh, I love this theme! "shadows" would be another fun one... :)

Robyn :) said...

Ginger, did you take the Boston Duck tour on June 26???

J9 said...

I like the reflections in the helmets, and I read further down - the cat on a leash made me bust up!

REDLAN said...

Thanks for sharing your photos of reflection I like the last photo most.

Can I grab my favorite photo? I planned to post a collection of this week's photo shoot out them. I will credit your site of course. If it's okay with you.

Robyn :) said...

Absolutely, REDLAN

Gordon said...

It was fun filled and I was thrilled.