Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer Indulgence

One of my all time favorite guiltiest pleasures of summer is watching my favorite show, Big Brother. It only comes on in the summer, after the 4th of July (except the year of the writer's strike -- then they had an extra winter edition). I have watched every season except one (like Season 5, I think). I even got my mom hooked on it and before Big Brother she did not watch ANY reality shows. After that she got hooked on Survivor as well(which she still watches faithfully, but I have long since abandoned). Anyway, I love Big Brother.

Sadly, I missed the first episode this season because I did not know when it was on (I don't normally watch CBS) and my mom forgot to tell me. My friend, Mandy, caught me up and I watched it tonight. I already have some favorites.

First of all, I like the gay guy, Kevin. I always like the obviously gay guys. They are funny. My admiration for him was cemented when he confessed in the Diary Room "Oh my God, I HATE Jesse"(I'll talk more about him later).

I also like Ronnie, but I think he may be a little full of himself(not like Jesse, but in his own way), so that may change. I like the other girl on his team. I think her name is Michelle. I also like Braden(???) because he tried to say something profound, but it came off sounding stupid. He will be good for some amusement, I think. I also like the one weird guy who has a cool picture n the wall and the tattooed girl.

Have not yet decided if I like the 2 pretty girls. The blond one seems kind of stupid, but nice. The brunette seems okay, but she was sucking up to Jesse. Not sure I know how I feel about the Jocks, either(except Jessie, but I'm getting to him).

I DO NOT LIKE Chima. She is a spoiled brat sore loser. I hope she gets voted off this week.

Then there's Jesse. Oh Jesse. Jesse was on last year and he annoyed the crap out of me. He is a bodybuilder in love with himself. He spouts off the most idiotic rhetoric. But, he is funny. I was cracking up almost everytime he spoke tonight. I can already tell what clip of the show they will show on The Soup Friday, thanks to Jesse. As much as I do not like Jesse, I would not like to see him go all that soon because he is the most amusing person on there.

I think I may start doing Jesse quotes of the week here. I will start with this one he came up with after talking about his strategy of being nice to people then stabbing them in the back(what a guy, right?)...

"It doesn't matter if we(friends) are all being chased by a bear, if I trip someone I will still make it out alive"

So true, yet so wrong.

Any other Big Brother Fans?

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Carrie said...

I have a really hard time keeping up with any tv shows. I've only made it through one season of this one faithfully, and that was ages ago. One of my best friends is an avid and devoted fan though. :)