Friday, July 10, 2009

The Texture of the Friday Photo Shoot-Out

If I had a picture of a roll of film I would post it, but I don't. I have never even had a camera that used film rolls!! Well, they did but they were in those little cansiters and the camera automatically unrolled them, not me.

Okay, anyway, the theme this week is Textures. I had planned to get out more and take some photos specific to the assignment, but then I rolled my ankle and have been inside for 3 days. So I will mostly rely on my "archives"(if they go back a week or 2 can they really be considered archives??), but I did manage to take a few here.

First of all, I will start with one of my favorite textures that I experience everyday -- my comfortor!!!

Aside from the pretty design I love how soft it is and since it is a King size(which I bought on sale at Walmart for like $20.00) it wraps me up pretty good when I am alone(heck, even if I am not alone!!) and makes me feel all safe and warm and snuggly. Almost as good as my husband and it doesn't snore HA!! (actually, my husband rarely does).

My second favorite texture is the fur on my sweet kitty-cat, Scout

His fur is very soft, like rabbit's fur. I pet him daily because he is a friendly snuggle cat and at some point whether it be in the morning when I am waking up or I am lying in bed reading or watching TV he will come and lay on top of me.

Venturing out, there are a lot of textures in the world around me. In this area of Kansas there is a lot of Native Stone and buildings built back in the 1800's took advantage of it

Main Post on Fort Riley is full of beautiful buildings like that one(old headquarters). At first I did not like them, but they grew on me and I can now appreciate their beauty.

Downtown Junction City also has a lot stone buildings, as well as brick

Or sometimes both!! That is the recently restored Junction City Opera House.

Another texture that I work with a lot is paper

I am a scrapbooker so paper is an essential in my life. Here I have set up a work station to make a small album as a gift for my friends who just got married.

These look wonderfully rich in texture, but have none, really

It's an illusion

Now, I know I used this picture last week

But it bears mentioning again for this subject. You would not think that the drink had any texture, but it did. It is fresh squeezed strawberry lemonade so it had bits of lemon in it, plus sugar -- some of which fell to the botton so sometimes I could taste the little grains when I took a drink. It was so good I bought like 3 of them over the course of Sundown Salute

I'll conclude with some pictures of my favorite things from my recent New England Trip that I think have very unique textures.


New stuffed animals(I love hugging them!!)

Ruby slippers


The beach


Shells on a blanket on the beach

Thank you, Linda, for the topic!!


GingerV said...

Robyn, good evening. nice blog - texture from a - Z.

J9 said...

I like the crab shell in the last shot - maybe Patty's been rubbing off on me?

Anonymous said...

very nice take on the theme - love the clouds!

Robyn :) said...

That was the very first time I ever found a crab shell at the beach. There were a lot, too. Guess it is typical in the North Atlantic???

Doreen said...

nice pics from around where you live. love the cloud shots also! lots of texture in your shots, oh yeah, the food also!!

Chele said...

The clouds were my fav. too. I could almost taste that lemonade!

GigiSxm said...

great textures and good luck on the healthy living/diet/exercise!