Sunday, July 26, 2009

Why I Loved the Riley County Fair

There are many wonderful things to see at the county fair...




Games(I won a Carebear!!!)

But the most wonderful sight of all was this...

Let's take a closer look

O sweet, glorious Deep Fried Twinkie, how I have missed you the past three years!!

And Fried Milky Way, it was wonderful to see you as well!!

I hear a rumor that the fairs in California are offering up something called Chocolate Covered Bacon. Might I be able to find this curious concoction at the State Fair in Septemmber?


Kim said...

I should have looked yesterday when at the OC Fair. I do believe it is true. Were they as good as they looked?

GingerV said...

eeeKKKKK! deep fried twinkies... eEEKKKkk!

Robyn :) said...

The twinkie and milky way were as good as they looked. The milky way did not melt all the way so it was just soft and slightly gooey which I preferred. The twinkie was delightfully warm and doughy!!