Friday, July 17, 2009

Yard Art in the Friday Photo Shootout

It's that time again -- time for the Friday Photo Shootout!! And this week's topic is Yard Art.

This was a little hard for me because I feel a little conspicuous taking pictures of people's yards...but, I did. These were all taken in the last week, too, specifically for this assignment.

First, we will start with my own front yard

The poor flamingo is almost hidden by the sunflower plant(which I grew from seeds!!)

And I guess this isnt really art, but he is usually in front of the house(leashed) so I consider him animated art!!

Next we have the house across the street. Now, technically, this is not is something they are trying to gove away(or get picked up for trash), but I thought it looked like art. I wanted it, but TJ does not like red.

It's always nice to have a statue of the Savior in your yard

I had more from my street and the next one over, but they came out kind of blurry.

This one is in Ogden, which is on the East side of Fort Riley

This is the only picture I got from Junction City(I wanted to get more, but forgot the camera when we went on a motorcycle ride -- there was a good one with like 20 gnomes on a porch, too!!). It is our friends' side yard.

There used to be a pirate flag, too, but that is now in the pirate themed kitchen(the galley). Aaaaarrrggggghhhhh!


Carrie said...

Aw, your flowers are really pretty! And I'm a huge fan of that red you are not alone there. Lol. :)

GingerV said...

can you believe it - I struggled with this weeks theme and it never occured to me garden objects in other peoples yards.... of course that would show your town... duh!

nicely done, you have a very light tone and it is easy to hear (read)
to me the red sofa looks like someone is waiting for the parade to start and have their seating all ready on the curb.

~JarieLyn~ said...

I like the red sofa too. I also like the last pic with the rocks and the skull. Fun assignment!

Kim said...

Your yard is looking great! Now if my patio could look that nice...

Sarah Lulu said...

Love that red sofa!

Gordon said...

The cat was obviously stalking, about to pounce. He must be your hunter. Great job.