Friday, August 7, 2009

All Over KC!!!

Today we got up early and headed north to the Harley Davidson factory. We got to see where our bike was made :) The tour was awesome(and free!!). We also got a free pin.

After that we drove out to Independence and went to Bass Pro Shop. I dare say I like it better than Cabelas! We had lunch at their seafood restaurant and I tried alligator for the first time!!! It tastes like chicken -- very rich and juicy chicken :) I also found a shirt and a welcome mat(on sale!!).

After there we came back to the motel and rested and swam. It was quite warm, but the water stayed cool. I also laid out for about 15 minutes. I noticed that my arms have gotten very tan! After our swim i took a shower and got ready for an evening out.

We headed downtown to the Crown Center with the intention of seeing the free outdoor movie. First we took the Link(enclosed elevated walkway) to Union Station. Then we walked back and had dinner at A Streetcar Named Desire. Then we had dessert at the Crayola Cafe and colored our placemats!! Then we headed outside for the movie, but it was still hot out, so instead we got in the airconditioned car and drove up Grand in KC and on the 70 past Kaufman Stadium during a Royals game :) Then we came back and are now relaxing :)

Tomorrow we are going back to The Plaza to the Cheesecake Factory and to the Toy and Miniature Museum and possibly City Market. Then home. I miss my kitties.

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