Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another Full Weekend

I guess I won't have Photo Shootout pictures this weekend -- the time got away from me!! I may try to combine it with next week's assignment(if that's allowed??). I have already started on that.

Welcome to my new followers :)

So what have I been doing instead of uploading pictures??? Lots of fun stuff!! The weather looked yucky yesterday morning so instead of following my hubby to Wichita we stayed home and I got to sleep in til 2pm!!! Then I goofed around on the computer and went to a tupperware party at 4pm. After that I made a quick stop at home to ride with hubby to our friends' house for pizza and game night. When I got there her daughter asked me to see her room and then she showed me her new school clothes and we planned her outfits for her first week of middle school!! That was awesome. I felt like the cool aunt!!

We all played Phase 10 and I won!!!! First time, too, with these people. It made for a late night, though.

However, I did make it to church this morning. The speakers were awesome (Borjas family, Sharon) and so were the lessons in Gospel Doctrine and Relief Society. We were issued a challenge as a ward to read the Book of Mormon this school year like the seminary students are doing. I proceeded to make a schedule for TJ and me to do this through next May :) I also made a schedule to start on my own personal scripture study of the Old Testament.

When I got home from church there was a surprise waiting on my porch -- a brand new carebear!!! A BIG carebear!!! It was from my friend and jeweler, Bren. I knew she had one for me, but had no idea it was that big!! I have never had a stuffed animal that big :)

After finishing my scripture study schedules I went down to the kitchen and spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening preparing meals for the week!! Of course we ate part of one for dinner tomight(zesty healthy mac and cheese). I also made barbecue chicken and vegetable stir-fry, chicken and chicken flavor veggie stirfry, zucchini souffles and salads for lunches all week. Then I went an extra step and baked some mini coconut cupcake muffins for work tomorrow!! The dishes are piled up in my sink, BUT I can do them this week instead of cooking!! I am so proud of myself :)

The kiddos go back to school tomorrow and it is a 1/2 day for them, full day for staff(I think). I am excited about seeing them all again, and hopefully getting my classroom schedule. I have a pretty good idea where I will be, though :)

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