Friday, August 14, 2009

Back to my Regularly Scheduled Life!!

My Friday Photo Shootout Photos will be late this weekend. I need to go through many of my archives :) I have not had time to do it because yesterday I went back to work!!

For those of you who may not know, I work in an elementary school. Which means no work for 2 1/2 months. I did work half days for summer school for a month, though, so 1 1/2 months. During this time I get really lazy and then feel a little apprehensive about going back, but once I step into the building and see all the wonderful people I work with I am energized and so happy to be there. Then the kids come next week and it will feel like I am whole again :)

Yesterday we had a Para meeting with our supervisors and the principal and one of my supervisors had ran into the teacher I had worked with during summer school(at a different school). She said that the teacher just raved about me and how much she enjoyed working with me and how helpful I was, etc and that she has tried to get me to come work with her at the high school, but my supervisor told her "oh no, she's staying with us". That made me feel really good :) I really love my school and would not leave unless they got a whole new staff!!LOL

After the meeting we were assigned teachers to work with for the morning. I was assigned to Mr. Ryan so while helping him get his classroom together I got to listen to his awesome music :) I also put together his bulletin board. In the afternoon we had our district orientation meeting at the middle school.

Today we had a staff meeting in the morning to learn how to use the building defibrilator. Then it was back to helping teachers while they had mettings all day. I organized some stuff for Mr. Ryan and made a bunch of copies. Then I went down to the computer lab/math games room to help out there. I got to do another bulletin board (which I did without direction. I "designed" most of it LOL). then I helped decorate the computer lab side(with guidance) in which I showed my super anal side, but we all laughed about it. Later I organized the afterschool program craft drawers. Or at least I started. I need to finish on Monday.

Speaking of afterschool program, I am not sure I will even be working it this year(but those drawers were driving me crazy!!). I filled out an application, but this year the director needs to interview us(nefore it was left up to the site supervisor and she just hired us because she knew us). There is also a chance they won't need as many people or I may have to go to another school. I was thinking I didn't want to do this, but it may not be so bad to get a change of scenery :) It would be less pay time, though, because I would lose time in traveling. So we'll see.

I got part of my schedule today. I do not have any classroom assignments yet, but I have my door duty and lunch recess assignments. This year I will be doing lunch recess(it was my turn and I volunteered) and indoor recess in bad weather(I didn't even have that last year!!). I have a different grade for door duty as well(which I am thrilled about!!). I have a good idea of where one of my classroom assignments might be. Maybe even another. I should get that on Monday. It is a half day, though, so I will probably be assigned to one teacher for the day.

I am very excited to be back at work again :)


Amanda said...

I found your blog and I see that you scrapbook. I just moved to Fort Riley and I was wondering If you know if the are any crop groups around here?
here is my email address

Robyn :) said...

Welcome, Amanda!!!

I scrapbook with some people in Manhattan. If you would like, I can give your email adress to the gal who coordinates it. She used to have a store in Manhattan, but now just sells at organized crops and her monthly crops. She doesn't charge for her crops unless she provides a meal and that is optional :)

They used to have a Sunday afternoon crop at the Arts and Crafts building, but I am not sure they do that anymore.