Monday, August 3, 2009

A Busy Weekend

I have been neglecting my blog a bit because I have become a wee bit addicted to Farm Town and Farmville on Facebook. It's so dang fun!!

Anyway, I have not just been sitting around the house doing that -- I have been getting out!! On Friday we went to Manhattan for lunch at Freddy's

(I had a veggie burger, some of TJ's fries and we split a sundae), grocery shopping at Ray's and People's Grocery and chocolate shopping at the Emerald City Market!! That used to be in Wamego, but they moved to Manhattan. They have gourmet foods, including chocolate. We bought a few pieces and I also found that a dip i had tried there before and have been dying to buy was on sale from $11.00 down to $5.00!! It is called Dirty Martini Dip(no, it does not have alcohol in it) and had olives and jalepeno peppers and onion and garlic and cream cheese. So tasty!! I could probably make something similar myself.

Friday night we went to the last baseball game of the season. It was awesome. Before the game the players hosing down the field(oh yeah, they make the players do that!!) tried to hose down the officials

Then one of my favotite people, Frank, threw out the 4th first pitch...

There was a raffle for a signed bat(we didn't win)

We told a player good luck before the game and he got a hit that allowed another player to get a run!! We ended up winning the game!!

Afterwards there were firweworks by Bennett Fireworks, who put on an awesome show. Towards the end we saw more fireworks coming from fort riley for their Victory Week celebration, so it was double fireworks!! Then we watched the rest of those from our car. They were equally as awesome.

On Saturday I went to a scrapbook crop in Manhattan. Before that I checked out the Farmers Market over there. It was awesome!! 3 times the size of the one in Junction City. I bought tomatoes and okra and zucchini and arugula and carrots!! At the scrapbook crop I finally finished our friends' wedding scrapbook!! After the crop, TJ met me and we went to dinner at the Bamboo Buffet. I dare say I liked it better than Family Buffet!! One of the reasons is that they make sushi there fresh. And normally I do not like sushi at a Chinese restaurant, but theirs was very good!!

Yesterday we went on a very long bike ride to a bike rally, which I will have a separate post on soon.

Today I am being lazy :) I am still at 179 pounds, which is good considering I ate fast food about 4 times since Thursday. I tried to balance and eat small portions, though. Starting tomorrow I will be back at the gym(I wanted to walk to the Shopette for water at least one day, but it is going to be in the 90's!! Oh well, maybe a little later). I also made a very colorful vegetable and potato stir fry for dinner and am going to make faux Cheesecake for dessert!!


Kim said...

You're making progress with your weight loss. Very good! It's hard, I know. Show us the album! I would like to see your handy work!

Carrie said...

lol. My friend Kylie is addicted to that facebook game too. :)

Looks like you guys really have had a busy weekend! Keep living it up! :)

Robyn :) said...

I want to show the album, but it is all pictures of other people so out of respect for their privacy i won't.. Sorry!!